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Areas of Practice

Legal services in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Our commitment to the Mid-South runs deep. We intentionally practice in several areas of law to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your case. Our attorneys are savvy and adept at handling cases in a variety of specific areas.

We recognize that each client brings a unique case into our office. Because we practice in numerous areas of law, we can use that expertise from all areas of law matched with our specific knowledge relevant to your situation to build the most favorable, advantageous argument for you. In addition to cases that fall under personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal defense, we help with a variety of business contracts, military malpractice, wills and estate planning and more.

Our Areas of Expertise

We are passionate about our services and use them to ensure all individuals are treated fairly in the court of law. You deserve experienced lawyers who can guarantee that your claim is respected and viewed with care. We can assure you of that. Our areas of expertise include:

Personal Injury

Personal injury law provides legal representation for individuals who have been injured, either physically or psychologically as the result of negligence of a third party, such as:

  •  in an auto accident
  • a slip and fall
  • another issue when the individual is a victim of wrongdoing

 To learn more about personal injury lawsuits, visit the Personal Injury section of our site. 

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice refers to the wrongful act or omission by any physician or healthcare practitioner during a patient's treatment that deviates from the standard level of care and causes short term or long term injury to the patient as a result. To learn more about our medical malpractice services, visit the Medical Malpractice section of our site.

Criminal Defense

Our Memphis criminal defense attorneys work to implement the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of a crime such as:

  • DUI
  • speeding tickets
  • drug related offenses
  • Other crimes classified as both misdemeanors or felonies

 To learn more about our criminal attorneys, visit the Criminal Defense section of our site.

Military Malpractice

We're proud to serve our veterans who have received less than optimal care. Military Malpractice refers to the medical malpractice or medical care received by a former or current servicemember, through either the VA system or any military medical facility. We believe that these individuals deserve quality, competent and timely care, and work with these cases to bring justice to the medical wrongdoings they have received. Click here to learn more about our Military Medical Malpractice experience.

Wills and Estate Planning

The thought of planning for your death is not something many people want to think about. However, the truth is that planning what should happen in the event of a family death or medical emergency will create a sense of peace for your family, and allow you to be in control of your future. Should you come to a place where you are not able to take care of your end-of-life options, having a living will or power of attorney drafted and in place will provide security and ease of operations for your loved ones.

Our office helps with a variety of areas when it comes to estate planning, from drafting power of attorneys that dictate who will control what in your absence, to wills and living wills that keep your assets and your care well thought and planned. Oftentimes in the instance of a loved one's death, the process of dealing with an estate can feel disorganized, too fast and emotionally draining. A well thought out will can eliminate these emotions and allow your loved ones the freedom from planning during a tumultuous time.

Our attorneys will help you organize what's important and create documents that can leave a lasting legacy for your family. Learn more about Wills and Estate Planning.

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If your question isn't covered here, contact us. We can can advise you on your case or refer your case to an attorney specializing in your area of need. To get in touch with us, fill out our online form below or call our office Monday - Friday at 901-526-9494.

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