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Memphis Attorney Fees


When a potential client needs legal representation, one of the first worries that runs through his or her mind is this: “How much will this cost me?”

Chiozza Law Firm focuses on providing reasonable Memphis attorney fees for clients. Our attorneys recognize that you, the victim, are experiencing added weight in your lives. The costs of a lawyer should not cause additional stress and increased anxiety. That’s why our fee structure keeps you at the forefront.

You deserve the bulk of the settlement.

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Our Car Accident Attorney Fees

Picture off Car Off RoadAutomobile injuries come unexpectedly and create a collection of unwanted doctor appointment visits and insurance phone calls. Attorney consultations could be on that list as well. Our goal is to make the process seamless, personal, and stress-free as it can be. Part of that strategy includes our Memphis auto accident attorney fees.

Chiozza Law Firm guarantees a maximum of 25 percent attorney fees in auto accident cases. We stand by our policy and never accept more than 25 percent of the settlement. You deserve the majority of the awarded compensation.

We know. You are wondering how that stacks up against the competition. On average, you obtain at least eight percent more of the settlement when using Chiozza than you do with other Memphis attorneys. The majority of Memphis attorneys collect 33.3 percent, the standard plaintiff’s attorney fee in the state of Tennessee. Some Memphis attorneys charge up to 40 percent.

That eight percent difference in settlement compensation is money that you should be using toward medical costs, appointments, and bills.

As the numbers reflect, partnering with Chiozza Law Firm as your auto accident attorney equates to more money in your pockets.

Our Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

Picture of Person ArrestedWe recognize that mistakes happen. We understand that people change. We know that people become desperate. We witness it all.

When you are struggling through a difficult time and facing criminal charges, life can be incredibly stressful. You may be face-to-face with jail time, loss of license, or loss of personal belongings.

Criminal defense cases vary greatly. Based on your case and your history, our Memphis criminal defense attorneys provide you with a reasonable quote – complete with payment plans – to best set you up on the road to recovery and success. You still have other monthly payments. Our fees should not cause a burden to those other expenses such as electricity, water, and food.

To learn more about legal representation and fees related to criminal defense cases, visit below.

Memphis Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our Recovery Policy

Chiozza Law Firm believes that no recovery means no fee.

What’s that mean for you? If our attorneys are unsuccessful in obtaining any settlement for your case, you do not owe any fees to our office. Our attorneys accept cases that they believe will be successful in the court of law. If a Chiozza attorney chooses to take on your case, he is confident in achieving an advantageous outcome. If that does not happen, you don’t owe anything.

For representation involving auto accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or motorcycle wrecks, one of the last things you need to stress over is how much you owe in legal fees. We handle the fees for all necessary reports, filing fees, experts, and other expenses. If our attorneys cannot successfully defend your case, you have no legal fees.

If you want to learn more about how our “No Recovery, No Fee” policy benefits you, visit the link below.

No Recovery, No Fee

Our Free Consultation

If you are ready to talk, let’s chat. Our attorneys offer free consultation for all cases, ensuring that we fully understand your history, your situation, your perspective, and your expectations. From there, if our attorneys believe you have a strong case, we build an argument that the court of law should find favorable.

The Chiozza Law Firm is excited that you have considered us as your legal representation. We want to discuss your potential claim with you and see what we can accomplish together.

You are free to call our office at 901-526-9494 to discuss your matter over the phone. Otherwise, simply complete this form below, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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