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Driving Under the Influence

Criminal Defense

Memphis DUI Attorneys

Enforcement never takes the lightly the possibility of a driver under the influence. If enforcement believes that you may be intoxicated and under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will pull you over, and you may face a long road ahead following that stop.

Does this experience sound familiar to you, a friend, or a family member?

If so, Chiozza Law should be your next call.

Chiozza Law – Your 901 law firm –  serves as your Memphis DUI attorneys. Our team has represented a vast number of clients facing DUIs in the court of law. We recognize the severity of these charges and the impact DUIs can have on families and friends. Because of this, we work with you to ensure that all situations are handled with care.

If you face a DUI charge, have been arrested, and need representation, choose the Chiozza Law Firm to guide you down this path. This may be stressful and worrisome. We’ll work hard to take that weight off you and provide the guidance you need.

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If you have been detained for a DUI in Memphis, here are some frequently asked questions that may help you navigate your next steps.

What should I expect after my DUI arrest?

Penalties vary based on the number of DUI or DUI-related offenses on your record.

Under Tennessee law, first time offenders could face the following penalties:

  • Mandatory minimum of 48 hours in jail
  • Up to 11 months, 29 days of suspended sentence
  • Up to 11 months, 9 days of probation
  • $350 fine in addition to court costs
  • 24 hours of community service
  • Loss of driver’s license for one year
  • Required class focused on alcohol safety

Based on your individual charge and situation, other penalties may be brought on you as well. These added penalties could be the result of a car crash, a speeding ticket, damaged property, and more.

Will my DUI be on my permanent record?

A DUI conviction remains on your record permanently and cannot be expunged. A second offense that occurs within 10 years of a previous conviction greatly enhances your punishment, with the minimum jail time being 45 days.

Because a DUI lives on your record permanently, you may face difficulties when background checks run. We recognize that and help you navigate expectations during this period.

Can I get my driver’s license back after a DUI?

You are able to get your driver’s license back after a DUI, but you must fulfill all penalties assigned to you. For most offenders, that means you are without your driver’s license for one year.

Once that time period finishes, you do not automatically get your license back. You have to check off specific steps, pass tests, and complete programs before getting your license reinstated.

For a detailed list, visit below.

How to Get My License Back After a DUI

Do I have a case if my BAC was at or less than 0.08 and was arrested?

You do have a case. Do note that any BAC level over 0.08 is driving under the influence in the state of Tennessee. If you were booked with a level at or under 0.08, you may have displayed dangers other than than your BAC level.

Despite this, we value proper representation and want to help you avoid getting any punishments or penalties outside of what is necessary. If your BAC was at or less than 0.08 at the time of the arrest, contact Chiozza Law.

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