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Speeding Tickets

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Speeding Tickets in Memphis, TN

There is no way around it, receiving a citation for speeding, improper registration, reckless driving, or other moving violations is another worry that can complicate your otherwise busy day. Taking time out of your already hectic workday to spend hours in line at court is the very last place you would choose to be.

What Happens When You Get a Speeding Ticket?

In addition to the unneeded stress, these tickets can also affect your license status. If you do not appear in court on the assigned day, you are subject to a monetary judgment and possible suspension of your license. Additionally, the Tennessee Department of Safety will record points on your driving record, which will be monitored and sometimes lead to a driver’s license suspension or revocation, plus an increase in your insurance premiums.

If you receive 12 points or more in a period of 12 months, you’ll receive a proposed suspension notice, wherein you will be granted an administrative hearing to contest the suspension or revocation and assess your future driving privileges.

Call Our Experienced Speeding Ticket Attorneys

The Chiozza Law Firm will handle these traffic matters with the same attention to detail we handle all of our other cases. It is our belief that while these citations may not seem like an important matter compared to other daily problems, they can affect your long term driving privileges which in turn leads to more issues in reinstating your driving privileges should a suspension be issued.

We will appear at court for you on your assigned date and do everything we can to have the charges dismissed or negotiated so that your insurance premiums and licensing status remain unchanged.

Call The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-526-9494 for a very reasonable fee quote, and allow us to help alleviate the stress of these traffic citations. While some law firms don’t handle these matters and consider speeding tickets trivial in nature, The Chiozza Law Firm wants to be the place where you can find help with all of your legal matters, no matter how small or large they may seem.

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