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VA Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Law

Military and VA Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Located in Memphis, TN

As an active or retired member of the military we at The Chiozza Law Firm want to thank you for everything you have done for our country. The one thing, at a minimum, you as a veteran should be able to count on is you or your family receiving quality medical care, regardless of whether you are stationed here in the U.S. or overseas. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the care is substandard and can result in permanent injuries or even death.

If you are a dependent or a non-active duty person who has been injured due to malpractice or negligence in a military/VA hospital or on a military base, you need an attorney familiar with the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). This law allows military dependents and other non-active duty victims of negligence to sue government agencies in federal court for injuries as a result of negligence by military doctors or other health care providers acting on behalf of the United States.


We represent patients and families under the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Military Claims Act. These are complex laws and they require a complete understanding of the practice area. We represent clients throughout the United States and all around the country. 

We have extensive experience representing members of the military and their families who have been injured as a result of medical malpractice throughout the United States and overseas.

The Federal Tort Claims Act dictates a formal procedure for the handling of claims against the United States when negligence has been committed by a government employee in the course of his or her duties. The Chiozza Law firm is well equipped with the knowledge and experience on how to file a military medical malpractice personal injury claim under this act.


As the number of cases involving VA medical malpractice rise, so do the number of VA disability claims. As a former service member, you should not be wronged or treated unfairly for a disability that occurred while you were an active member.

If you believe that you have a case against the VA, contact our malpractice attorneys. We are hear to help you receive the proper benefits you are owed and will assist you and work on your behalf every step of the way.

Learn More on VA Disability Claims



Because of important notice requirements and claims filing deadlines, you should immediately seek counsel if you feel you may have a claim against the federal government/military. If you wait you may not be able to bring a military negligence claim. 

Call us for a free consultation (901-526-9494) and we will help you determine whether you have a right to bring a claim.

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