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Warrant Recalls

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Warrant REcalls in Memphis, TN

If you have missed court due to illness, a family emergency, or just plain confusion as to when you were due in court, then you are probably aware that a warrant was issued for your arrest. There are ways to take care of an outstanding warrant without being taken into custody. 

What To Do When a Warrant Is Issued For Your Arrest

First, and most importantly, once a warrant is issued, get to court as soon as possible to resolve the situation. The longer you wait to address a judge regarding the outstanding warrant, the more likely it is that the warrant will not be recalled, and you will be taken into custody. In most misdemeanor cases, assuming you have hired an attorney and have a legitimate excuse for missing court, and the warrant has not been outstanding for too long, then most judges will recall the warrant.

Again, the above situation relates to Misdemeanor cases in General Sessions Court. If you have missed your date in Criminal Court, then you are likely to have your bond revoked and taken into custody until a hearing date to determine your eligibility for release.

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If you or a friend have an outstanding warrant, call the criminal defense attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-526-9494 to discuss your options. We will be more than happy to discuss your matter in a confidential manner.

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