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Wills and Power of Attorney

The first step of deciding to draft a Will or Power of Attorney is usually the hardest part. Once the process is complete, there tends to be a sense of relief and accomplishment. 

Drafting a Will or Power of Attorney is usually associated with death or incapacity. While this is true, these documents also represent an organized safety measure for indivuals and their families once the inevitable death or decline in health occurs. 

In most instances, these documents are fairly easy to draft, and an experienced attorney can do so quickly for a more reasonable fee than you might imagine. The Chiozza Law Firm has drafted many Wills over the years and has helped clients easily understand the significance of and options available in each of these documents. 

Why You Need a Will

One of the last things people think about is what happens to their car, house and thousands of other personal belongings should they pass away. Simply speaking, a general Will should provide an easy-to-understand, clear directive as to how your estate will be divided. 

When drafting your Will, you determine who takes ownership of your property and belongings upon your death. You can dictate that one individual receives your entire estate upon death, or you can select many different assets to be dispersed to many beneficiaries. In a Will, you can also leave money to charities of your choice or set aside money for the benefit of your selected heirs. 

The options are limitless on how your estate is divided, but planning ahead and drafting a Will early allows for quick, simple future changes. A Will is also helpful for both spouses in determining whom they prefer are the selected guardians of any minor children.  

Yes, a Will is associated with one's death, but more importantly it also gives you control over the things you worked so hard to accomplish and obtain during your lifetime. Drafting a Will represents a responsible decision to see that your belongings are divided the way you determine. 

Why You Need a Power of Attorney 

A Power of Attorney is one of the most important legal documents an individual can draft. The earlier this is completed, the better. Most people have financial accounts that only are accessible by them. If these accounts, and the funds contained in these accounts, are only accessible by you, what would happen if you suddenly became incapacitated? 

A properly drafted Power of Attorney will allow you to choose a person who can make financial decisions on your behalf during your time of incapacity. This will assure that bills remain paid and general household obligations are completed by someone you trust. 

We also recommend that you document each of your credit cards and other financial accounts and let your spouse or trusted loved one know where to find a copy of this information. Should an unforeseen accident occur, this loved one, as dictated in your Power of Attorney, will easily know which accounts and financial holdings to address. 

Why You Need a Living Will

Almost everyone has a strong opinion as to how medical treatment should be administered if he or she is not able to make a decision on their own. A Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney lets you directly chose your own medical treatment and the extent such treatment is carried out. 

For instance, should you become gravely ill and incapacitated, you have predetermined if life support will be provided. You can also choose an individual who can make these decisions on your behalf.

When a loved one becomes ill, medically related decisions are never easy to make, but planning ahead can save loved ones from having to make a decision they are unsure of at that time. Loved ones find it easier to make these difficult decisions knowing they are doing so according to your outlined wishes and with your permission. 

As mentioned above, making medical and estate-related decisions are some of the more difficult decisions, but think how difficult these decisions would be for loved ones that do not know your wishes? Having a Memphis attorney draft a Will or Power of Attorney is a necessity that provides concise and organized direction according to your wishes.

Drafting these documents is usually fairly simple, only requiring you to provide us with little information while we handle the rest. It is never too late to begin planning for the future, and an attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm can help prepare these documents in a quick and efficient manner for a reasonable fee. We can complete these document in a few days, providing you peace of mind in knowing your future is safe. If you ever decide a change in your Will or Power of Attorney is necessary, give us a call and we can easily make the appropriate modifications.

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