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Birth Injuries

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Birth Injuries

Located in Memphis, TN

Every single hour, 3 babies are born with birth injuries in ther United States. When doctors, nurses or anyone else involved in the birth of your baby fall short of a perfect delivery and cause damage to the child, the possibility of medical malpractice certainly looms. According to Stanford Children's Health studies, a baby's size and a baby's position are two likely causes for birth injures. Typcially, a larger infant requires a more extensive and riskier delivery, leading to possible birth injuries by use of excessive force to deliver. Any odd positioning during the pregnacny or during delivery also warrants additional care and detail.

Don’t let a hospital or doctor tell you these things happen in the course of medical care and cannot be prevented.  Some of these actions most certainly can be avoided, and The Chiozza Law Firm will let you know it their actions were within the normal standard of care.

Due to the complexity of medical malpractice claims and the knowledge needed to tackle these issues, it is important to call an attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm for a free confidential case evaluation. While many individuals will try to do their own research on the internet following such a possibly horrific breach of your standard of care, a phone call to the Chiozza Law Firm is all that is needed to determine your legal rights and options.

In Tennessee, the Statute of Limitations for a Plaintiff is extremely short and you could lose your right to a claim if your concerns are not immediately addressed. Again, feel free to contact us at 901-526-9494 or scroll to the contact section to receive immediate attention.

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