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Category: General

How Settlement Checks are Issued in Tennessee Personal Injury Cases

If you are the victim of personal injury, medical malpractice, or automobile accident in the state of Tennessee, then you are usually entitled to compensation. This compensation is negotiated between your attorney and the insurance adjuster in order to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Once a settlement is reached the insurance company can begin the process of issuing your settlement check. There are several factors that will determine how long it takes to receive a set... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Monday, October 31, 2022

Things to Know Before Meeting With Your Attorney

Meeting with an attorney in Memphis, TN does not have to be a difficult, confusing, or even time-consuming event. Whether you have a medical malpractice claim, suffered a personal injury, or were arrested in Memphis, there is no need to feel anxious about your consultation.  During your free consultation with an attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm, we will do our best to put you at ease while answering all of your legal questions and explaining the process.  To make sure a clien... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Thursday, February 24, 2022

Proposed Plan to Increase Punishment for Reckless Driving in Memphis

Reckless driving and drag racing seem to be getting a lot of attention in the Memphis area recently. There is no doubt that the reckless driving tactics of Memphis drivers has gotten worse over the past few years. It has become a serious safety issue that is in the process of being addressed by local and state officials. As we wrote about in this article, drag racing became an A misdemeanor on July 1 across the State of Tennessee. The new law increased possible jail time for the offense of... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Unusual Changes for Tennessee Law in 2022

  Every year, lawmakers in Tennessee change certain laws, or add new laws altogether, in the hopes of keeping up with evolving societal practices.  While many of these changes are welcome, some are downright strange and unnecessary. The unnecessary changes are usually the result of a successful lobbyist group that will work to their benefit should the new or amended law pass. Either way, it is always a good idea to review some of the more important changes in the laws each year. ... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Friday, January 7, 2022

What Happens If You Don't Show Up for Jury Duty?

Every U.S. citizen will at one point or another be called for jury duty. Whether or not you actually have to attend will depend on the case and if it’s settled before the court date. As an American, jury duty is a civic responsibility and you are required, by law, to show up if you are called. There are, however, legal ways to get out of jury duty, including military service, attending school out of state, and proven financial hardships. What is Jury Duty? Jury Duty is, in short, yo... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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