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Category: Personal Injury

The Law In Tennessee For Pedestrian-Related Auto Accidents

Cases involving a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle have become far too common in the Memphis area and throughout the State of Tennessee.  Since pandemic restrictions have been lifted, we have noticed more pedestrian-related accidents in highly congested areas. Whether it is at a sporting event or near a busy shopping area, pedestrians and drivers alike need to take extra care to avoid being involved in one of these accidents. We have seen horrific injuries in pedestrians... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Tuesday, November 8, 2022
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How Settlement Checks are Issued in Tennessee Personal Injury Cases

If you are the victim of  personal injury , medical malpractice , or automobile accident  in the state of Tennessee, then you are usually entitled to compensation. This compensation is negotiated between your attorney and the insurance adjuster in order to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Once a settlement is reached the insurance company can begin the process of issuing your settlement check. There are several factors that will determine how long it takes to... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Monday, October 31, 2022
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Dog Bite Claims and Who Is Responsible in Tennessee

Summer months are near and that means an increasing number of people will be outside with their dogs enjoying the many parks in the Memphis area. Because of this, we see an increase in dog bite claims in the Mid-South area during summertime. While your pet's actions may be unintentional, Tennessee laws hold most dog owners liable if their animal bites another person. To learn more about Tenessee's strict liability dog bite laws, click here . ... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Monday, May 16, 2022
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Can You Get Compensation for Emotional Distress in Tennessee?

After you're in an accident, you may feel that the effects go beyond just the damage to your property. You may experience physical injuries, and sometimes those injuries are more than a broken bone or concussion. This is called emotional distress, and there are a few ways to get compensation for it in the state of Tennessee. What is Emotional Distress? Emotional Distress , also called mental suffering, is a response to something that happens, most often an accident or... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Thursday, November 11, 2021
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What to Know about Slip and Fall Injuries: 2021 Update

What to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries: 2021 Update Most of us know someone who has sustained injuries related to a slip and fall (or trip and fall) accident. Typically, a slip-and-fall case involves minor bumps and bruises, meaning it does not require medical attention or legal assistance. That isn’t always the case, though. On occasion, we see an individual suffer significant, debilitating injuries due to a fall on the premises owned by another person. These premises... Read More
Posted by Brian Chiozza at Thursday, November 11, 2021
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