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Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Tennessee?

If you get into a car accident in the state of Tennessee and it was reported by police, you may want a copy of that report for either your personal records or your  insurance company. These instances beg the question, “Are car accident reports public record in Tennessee?” The short answer is yes, with the right information and a small nominal fee, you can access any car accident report filed by officials. 

How to Access Car Accident Reports

There are a few ways in the state of Tennessee to obtain a crash report, and all require specific information and a small fee to do so. You can go online, visit a THP District Office, or request a copy of the report by mail. 

Go Online

Obtaining a crash report online costs $10, and you can use any major credit car. In order to purchase a copy online, you will need the last name, date of the accident, reporting agency, and driver’s license number, as well as either the VIN number, license plate number, or case number. 

THP District Office

Any owner, driver, or passenger of a car involved in the accident or their legal representation can purchase a copy of the crash report for just $4. All reports should be available about seven days after the crash. There should be an office located close to your area. If the crash was investigated by another law enforcement agency, such as the local police, you can also contact their office to purchase a copy of the crash report. You will need the date of the crash, the county in which the crash occurred, name or names of the driver involved, as well as the agency tracking number. 

Request by Mail

You can also mail your request for a crash report to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, along with $4 in cashier’s check, money order, or person/business check. If you go this route, make sure you include the address you want them to send the report to. 

What Kind Information is Public Record?

While you can access the report of a car accident with the right information, not everyone is authorized to do so. In most circumstances, the only people authorized to access these records are those involved with the crash and their legal representation, law enforcement officials, insurance agents, or those with legal proof they’ve been granted authorization There are also some things that are required to be kept confidential, such as personally identifying information. However, if the person requesting the report is one of the previous, they may be able to receive documents that include personal information. 

Call a Chiozza Law Attorney

If you have questions about your car accident, getting a copy of the report, or whether you are authorized to obtain a copy, contact an attorney at Chiozza Law. We have the experience and skillset to help you navigate what can sometimes be a confusing and painful process.

Posted by Brian Chiozza at 10:00 AM
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