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Clear Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly Holding Hands

Nursing Home Abuse in Memphis, TN

With advancements in medical care and treatment, people are obviously living longer and more fruitful lives. With this increase comes a greater demand for assisted living and nursing homes. While most nursing homes provide exceptional care for our loved ones, there are more than a few instances of nursing home abuse and neglect that are horrific.  

Many times, nursing homes do a poor job hiring competent individuals, which leads to cases of abuse. Even if they hire qualified caregivers, we also see understaffing, which can lead to a patient or resident not receiving the round the clock care that they are entitled to and deserve. These avoidable and negligent acts lead to very recognizable signs.  

Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Rapid Change in Physical Condition

Our bodies change as we get older, but such changes do not occur quickly. When a patient develops sores, cuts, or unexplained bruising or exhibits rapid weight loss, they may be suffering from neglect or abuse. As we mentioned above, understaffing can lead to a patient’s demise when they are not checked on regularly.

Mood Changes or Outbursts

If a loved one begins to act drastically different, whether he or she is suddenly withdrawn, frightened, agitated, or overly emotional, it can be a sign of abuse.  Patients are sometimes brainwashed into thinking they cannot talk about cases of abuse by caregivers, and the previously mentioned symptoms can be a sign of ongoing abuse.

Experienced Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

Just like our children, our elderly loved ones deserve extra protection, love, and care. To be neglected or suffer abuse at the hand of a trusted caregiver is painful to see. If you believe or suspect a loved one is suffering from neglect or abuse at a nursing home or assisted living center, you should immediately contact an experienced nursing home attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm.

We will immediately investigate and look for any evidence that would indicate abuse or neglect. We will study the facilities hiring practices and determine if the facility is known for abuse or neglect claims. We will also study relevant medical records to determine the type of charted care a patient was receiving.  

The common goal we share with our clients is stopping, and hopefully preventing, nursing home care and abuse. The second you suspect abuse or neglect of a loved one, call 901-526-9494 to speak with a qualified nursing home attorney. You may also schedule a free online consultation. For emergency and after-hour assistance, please contact Attorney Brian Chiozza.



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