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Determining Fault in Multi-Car Accidents

Man on the Phone after a Car Accident

Determining Fault in Multi-Car Accidents

Multi-Car pile-up accidents can be a headache for everyone involved.  In the heat of the moment, untangling what happened can be tricky, making the scene of the accident even more chaotic than usual.  As reported by the NY Post, on February 20, 2020, a 200 car pile-up in Montreal caused by blizzard conditions left nearly 70 people injured.   The investigating officers took statements from multiple parties before trying to file an accident report.  But even then, mistakes can be made in multi-car pile-up accident reports.

What Is A Multi-Car Pile-Up?

A multi-car pileup accident (also called a chain reaction accident) involves three or more vehicles.  It typically occurs when a car is rear-ended, causing the vehicle to be pushed into the back of a third car (and so forth).  Investigating officers look to determine if one driver’s action set off a chain reaction of collisions or whether some of the other vehicles involved were following too closely and were also partially at fault.  The officers also look at speed, distance, and possible distracted driving conditions before determining fault in these types of accidents.

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Multi-Car Crashes?

With multiple insurance companies involved in these types of accidents, it is a given that each company will attempt to lower their payout by trying to apportion blame to other involved drivers.  When looking at fault for auto accidents, the State of Tennessee operates under the law of comparative fault. Simply put, the plaintiff and defendant compare each person’s fault and attribute a percentage based on the amount of said fault. A Plaintiff’s award is then deducted by the percentage of his/her fault. In Tennessee, if an insurance company can place just a small percentage of fault on another driver in a multi-car pile-up collision, then their exposure and payout can be drastically reduced.

What To Do If You’re In A Multi-Car Accident

If you are involved in a multi-car accident, it is important that you take photographs, obtain eyewitness contact information, and exchange information with every involved driver.  If you were injured, even during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that you obtain appropriate medical treatment. After that, you should contact an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney.

How Chiozza Law Firm Can Help

To be handled properly, Multi-car accidents require the advice and expertise of an experienced personal injury law firm.  It doesn’t cost anything to speak with an attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm. Simply call 901-526-9494, text 901-545-9390, email attorney Brian Chiozza, or fill out an online form here. Our car accident attorneys will offer you free advice on how to handle and proceed with your multi-car accident case.  Our past successes and low fee arrangement make The Chiozza Law Firm the right choice when choosing legal representation.  Allow us to be your voice each step of the way.

Posted by Brian Chiozza at 11:27 AM
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