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Do Surgeons Leave Objects in Patients?

retained surgical instrumentsMost attorneys will tell you that the most difficult, time-consuming and expensive claims to litigate are medical malpractice cases. Differing medical treatments and diagnoses for each patient create difficulty establishing and proving fault.

One area of medical malpractice claims that is not overwrought with confusion is when a surgical device or instrumentation is left inside a patient after surgery. This is referred to as retained surgical bodies (RSD). The action of leaving a clamp, sponge, scissors or other instrument inside a patient is inexcusable.

Often, a patient does not realize an instrument or device was left inside their body until serious complications arise. This recognition of an RSD could take months or even years. Typically, a patient or medical professional discovers this RSD when the patient’s body shows signs of rejecting the instrumentation via infection or severe pain.  

A CBC News report details a woman who discovered a metal plate was left in her abdomen from a hysterectomy performed months earlier, only discovered after multiple tests and x-rays and months of excruciating pain.  

A retained surgical body can be life threatening and most likely requires additional surgeries to remove said device. A study of government records by USA Today reveals between 4,500-6,000 patients are affected each year by retained surgical instruments.  

If you or a loved one has experienced complications after surgery or believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice, feel free to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney for a confidential case evaluation. In Tennessee, the medical malpractice statute of limitations is very short, so hesitating to get a legal opinion can cost you your case. Call 901-526-9494 or complete our form linked below.

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 7:23 AM
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