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How to Get Your Tennessee Driver's License Reinstated

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Tennessee Driver's LicenseDriving privileges in the state of Tennessee are suspended for any number of reasons, including unpaid parking tickets, unpaid traffic tickets or a Driving Under the Influence conviction.

Many times, we see clients that were unaware their license was suspended. By the time they reach us, they have already received a citation for Driving While License Suspended. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to begin the process of reinstating your driving privileges:

Drive While You Pay

If you are in Shelby County and your license is suspended for unpaid tickets, we recommend you visit the “Drive While You Pay” Department located at 201 Poplar. This program provides you with a printout showing exactly what amount you owe in unpaid tickets, what the cost of reinstatement is and when you are eligible for reinstatement.  More information on this useful program can be found at the Drive While You Pay page.

Online Resources

The state of Tennessee also has helpful resources in determining reinstatement eligibility. We gathered some resources below.


If you don’t handle a license suspension as soon as possible, the issue turns into a difficult, lengthy and expensive problem to overcome.


Our Advice

If you get a parking ticket try to pay it in the timeframe allowed. If you receive a speeding ticket, it is best to hire an experienced attorney for advice.


Learn more about the services we can provide in these matters by visiting below.

Everything you Need to Know About Traffic Tickets  


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