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Injury Claims at Casinos & Hotels

Injury Claims at Casinos & HotelsHotels are going up all over Memphis and the downtown area while casinos in Tunica, Mississippi are still frequented by people from all over the United States. Considering the number of tourists visiting local hotels and casinos, it’s inevitable occasional accidents and injuries will occur. Hotel and casino claims differ from normal injury claims for many reasons. The main difference in hotel and casino injury claims is the vast amount of areas these establishments are entrusted to maintain.

Throughout the years we have seen injuries occur for a multitude of reasons at different areas of hotels and casinos and their properties. Valet and shuttle transportation areas, concert venues, common and hallways areas, restaurants, parking lots, swimming pools, exercise rooms and casino floors all contain hazards that must be watched and maintained carefully by employees for the safety of patrons.

For instance, if you were injured due to a malfunctioning escalator or furniture on the casino floor, your attorneys would request the maintenance records and logs to determine if employees were properly inspecting the area for defects. They are responsible for the condition of their properties and the surrounding areas, therefore unsafe conditions or negligent actions of their employees can hold them liable for any damages you may sustain.


There are a few things you should always do if you are injured at a hotel or casino:

• Seek immediate medical attention if you believe you are seriously injured.

• Immediately contact a manager on site to conduct an incident report. Other than proper medical assistance this is the most important thing that can be done because an incident report will be used later when contacting the hotel/casino and their insurance representative.

• Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

• Take any pictures you can of the area and any injuries sustained.


Most injuries or incidents that occur at a hotel or casino are caught on film. These businesses typically have cameras in places you can't openly locate. Therefore it is important for your attorney to try and obtain any available footage. Typically, an attorney will have to file a lawsuit to get copies of any video or camera footage and incident reports that were made at the time of the incident. Therefore, due to time limitations, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your rights and options.

If you have suffered injuries related to a slip and fall, assault or robbery, or other personal injury at a hotel or casino call The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-526-9494 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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If your injuries were due to negligence on the part of the hotel or casino you were visiting, then you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses. If you only sustained minor injuries we can still advise you on how best to proceed without the assistance of an attorney.


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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 8:51 AM
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