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Insurance Claims After An Auto Accident - The Basics

Car Accident

Being involved in an auto accident can be painful, frustrating, and time-consuming. Unfortunately, the claims process following an auto accident can be just as maddening if you don’t have an experienced Tennessee auto accident attorney as your legal representative. Along with the right legal representation, following a few basic steps can help resolve most claims quickly and efficiently.

The Claims Process After an Auto Accident

The claims process begins with the ever-important accident report and ends with a signed release absolving the insurance company of any additional liability. The following tips will assist you with your insurance claim following an auto accident:

Obtain a Copy of Your Accident Report

First and foremost, obtain a copy of your accident report to submit to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. When filing a claim with your own insurance company, or with another driver’s insurance, providing them with a copy of the accident report will allow the initial part of the claims process to go quickly. Attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm are happy to obtain a copy of your accident report for our clients, or you can click here to learn more about obtaining Memphis Accident Reports.

File a Claim With the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

If your car is still safely operable after an accident, and a rental car is not imperative, we advise that you file a claim with the at-fault driver’s appropriate insurance adjuster and wait for them to conclude their investigation. If you don’t immediately need a rental vehicle, we don’t recommend you file a claim with your own insurance company until necessary.

If Denied, File With Your Own Insurance Company

It will be necessary to file a claim with your own insurance company if your claim is denied by the at-fault drivers’ insurance. A claim can be denied based on liability/fault, policy payment issues resulting in an uninsured motorist claim, or an at-fault driver not being cooperative with his/her insurance company.

Contact an Injury Attorney to Help

Following an accident, you will almost certainly be asked to provide a recorded statement to the insurance company. Before you provided a recorded statement you should read this article and contact an experienced personal injury attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm for a free consultation.

If you sustained injuries due to your auto accident, it is crucial that you contact an attorney to ensure that you are provided appropriate medical care and subsequent compensation for lost wages, pain, and suffering, loss of consortium, and any other allowable damages in Tennessee.

How Chiozza Law Can Help

The claims process following an auto accident does not have to be frustrating or complicated. Again, hiring the right attorney can take the stress of an auto accident off your shoulders, allowing our clients to concentrate on healing. Following an auto accident, The Chiozza Law Firm will provide free, confidential consultations and offering our guarantee that if we are not successful in pursuing your auto claim you will not owe us a dime. We will never ask a client to pay case expenses during our pursuit of your claim.

We will also guarantee you access to your car accident attorney’s personal cell phone number and email address so that you can contact them whenever a question arises. We will do this while offering a lower fee arrangement than most law firms, putting more money in your pocket following an auto accident.

If you need immediate assistance following an auto accident, make the call to 1-901-526-9494 to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm. You may also email personal injury attorney Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com, or text us at 1-901-545-9390. Before you speak with other law firms, call The Chiozza Law Firm. We know you will like what you hear.



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