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Is Your Attorney Charging Too Much?

One of the first – and most important – lessons a new attorney experiences is that without clients and referrals, you have no business. Our local Memphis attorneys believe that the only way to treat customers is with expert legal representation for a fair and reasonable price.

When you compare our fees and payment structure with other practicing attorneys (especially matters related to personal injury, auto accident, and criminal defense), you may notice that we ensure our clients are justly compensated or reasonably charged.  

If you are injured in an automobile accident, you will benefit likely from the services of an experienced attorney. We always recommend that you interview more than one attorney before making such an important decision.

How Some Attorneys Handle Cases

In a previous blog post, Choosing the Right Law Firm, we addressed the need to find an attorney that offers free consultations. Since you are the individual suffering from injuries sustained in an auto accident and coping with other related complications, it only makes sense that you are the one that should be justly compensated.

Never should the tape be flipped –your attorney or medical provider should not receive the bulk of any settlement. In fact, we believe that is unfair to the client and his or her family. If you were injured in an accident, most attorneys should work on a contingency basis. Any potential fee for services will only come if he or she is successful in getting you money.

Most attorneys take 33.3 percent of your settlement for automobile accident claims, plus expenses.  Unbelievably, other attorneys that will take up to 40 percent of your settlement proceeds.

How Chiozza Handles Cases

At Chiozza Law Firm and Your901Law, we put in writing that our fees are never to exceed more than 25 percent of any recovery in most automobile accident cases, as we believe the client being the person who suffered should get the bulk of any settlement.  

Just imagine the difference in money you may receive from an attorney charging 25 percent versus an attorney taking up to 40 percent of your settlement – a settlement you deserve.

You should also be aware that if an attorney is asking a client to pay for his or her expenses up front, out of their own pocket, then it may be time to consult with a new attorney. At Chiozza Law Firm, we pay for all expenses, including filing fees and any costs associated with obtaining an exper. By doing so, you are not out any money during the legal process.

If we are unsuccessful in pursuing your claim, you will never have to repay us for any expenses that were paid out in your matter.

How Chiozza Handles Fees

The question of fees most often arises in criminal defense cases. Fees for representation depend on the type of criminal case. A fee for representation is obviously higher for a felony charge that a typical misdemeanor.  

When looking for a criminal defense attorney, you should ask about payment plans for their representation. You want to choose a reputable attorney and make sure all fee matters are agreed to upfront. If an attorney takes your case and tries to charge you more at the conclusion of the case, you should ask, “Why am I being charged more now, shouldn’t you have seen this when I first hired you?”

Your attorney should be able to provide you with his or her cell phone number so that you can be in contact with them as needed. Also, be wary of an attorney who guarantees results without knowing all the facts of your case. All criminal cases are different and require a certain level of knowledge about the case before knowing what to fully expect or guarantee.

While almost every criminal case will require you to hire an attorney, we believe that you will find our fees for criminal defense representation to be extremely reasonable. We know being arrested creates stress, and we want to provide excellent and affordable legal representation to help you through such trying times.

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney for your legal matters, you may seek advice from a legal aid group in your city. In Shelby County, Memphis Area Legal Services and The Memphis Bar Association provide services for those in need.

Hiring Chiozza Law Firm

Understand that attorneys are not free, but the fees they charge should be reasonable in nature.  At Chiozza Law Firm, we understand the financial issues that can arise when involved in a legal problem and we strive to bring expert legal representation in all matters for a reasonable price.

Contact us online or call 901-526-9494, where we will be more than happy to discuss our fees with you in a more detailed manner and advise you on how to proceed with your legal matters.  If we are unable to advise in a manner your matter deserves, we will do our best to recommend an attorney who can help.

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 4:40 PM
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