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Memphis Bird Scooter and Explore Bicycles – A Good Thing?

Bicycle MemphisIf you’ve driven around the city of Memphis lately you have probably noticed an influx of Bird Electric Scooters and Explore Memphis bicycles suddenly popping up on each corner of high traffic areas. Both companies present an innovative, convenient and cost-effective way to explore the city of Memphis. But as with any mode of transportation, there are rules and regulations that will be enforced to ensure the safety of the rider and other pedestrians and motorists. According to a recent Q&A published by the City of Memphis, a rider must be 16 years of age to rent Explore bicycles and 18 years of age to use a Bird Scooter.

Bicycle Safety Requirements

In addition to basic age requirements, it is the safety of the operators that worries me the most. It appears that most renters are younger and less experienced at observing the basic rules of the road.  One must recognize that while the benefit of riding a small device such as a scooter is convenient, it also makes it more difficult for drivers in their vehicles to see them. Therefore, while you may lawfully be on the road or traveling in the designated bicycle lane, there is still a chance disaster could strike due to the negligence of inattentive drivers.  

As we reiterated in a previous post, bicycle safety is becoming even more important in Memphis as the city embraces these new transportation options. To avoid injury to yourself and others please consider the following:

  • When using your Bird Scooter or Explore Bicycle please use the designated bicycle lanes. The City of Memphis has done a great job of putting in new bicycle lanes that are clearly marked to allow safe traveling for motorists and bicyclists.  
  • While safety equipment, especially a helmet, is not always mandatory, it can save your life.  Sadly, we have represented far too many individuals injured in motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Even when using a helmet, the injuries in these types of accidents can be catastrophic, so please be aware of your surroundings.
  • With Overton Square and Downtown Memphis offering hundreds of new attractions, it is only natural for the majority of Explore Bicycles and Bird Scooters to be in these areas. While you must be aware of motor vehicles, you must also be equally aware of pedestrians on the roadway. If you are not cognizant of others using nearby walkways and sidewalks, you could seriously injure another pedestrian. Pedestrian injuries are on the rise in the Mid-South area, and new bicycle and scooter rental programs will only present more dangers for pedestrians.

While we are excited for the new opportunities scooters and bicycles present to Memphians, we must also take responsibility to ensure safe travels for everyone. The best advice I have is to slow down and enjoy all the city has to offer. Using your Explore Bicycle or Bird Scooter presents a unique way to observe the beautiful sites located all over Memphis. Just be aware that there are other bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians trying to do the same thing.

Pedestrian Injury Attorneys in Memphis

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another party while operating a Bird Scooter or Explore Memphis bicycle, call The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-516-9494 or contact us online to learn your rights. Our experienced attorneys have a long history of representing Memphians when they need quality legal protection the most. As evidenced by our awarded verdicts and settlements, we will fight to ensure that you are fully compensated for and injuries sustained in an accident. We are a family-operated Memphis law firm that will treat you like family.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 3:18 PM
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