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Mistakes to Avoid Involving Insurance Claims Following an Auto Accident

Car AccidentAuto accidents can present so many challenges and headaches for everyone involved. The last thing you need is an insurance company trying to manipulate and cheapen your claim.

All too often an insurance company will offer you money on the front end to sign a release without explaining that you are now on the hook for any future medical bills and accident related expenses. These companies want to settle as quickly as possible following an accident so they will not be responsible for any future damages. If you have been in an accident, patience is the most important thing.

Take time to care for yourself and get the appropriate and necessary medical treatment. Trust me, the insurance company will be there long after your claim is paid. Don’t allow an insurance company representative to pressure you into settling your claim while you are still injured or seeking medical treatment. Knowing this and a few other tips will save you a lot of aggravation during the claims process.

  • If you were not injured in the accident and only sustained property damage make sure you get multiple repair estimates before having your vehicle fixed. In addition, make sure your vehicle is operating as it was prior to the accident before you sign a release with the insurance company. The insurance representative can speak with the body shop about additional repairs that may be necessary.
  • If the insurance company offers you a settlement for your injuries do not be forced into thinking that is their best and final offer. You are the injured party and you have more rights than you know. It costs you nothing to consult with an attorney about any potential offers. The Chiozza Law offers free legal advice to those in need and you may contact us at 901-526-9494 to speak with an attorney.
  • Don’t be forced into providing a recorded statement. Understand that insurance companies use recorded statements to their benefit, not yours. If possible, they will use your statements against you at a later date to deny or lessen your claim. If the insurance company is requesting a recorded statement, you should seek advice from an experienced Memphis auto accident attorney.

The Chiozza Law Firm has been assisting Memphis and Mid-South residents with various legal needs for the past 50 years. When you present your case to our office, you can rest assured we will all take part in opening, investigating and helping your legal matter reach a favorable outcome. We take pride in knowing that should you have a question or concern you will be able to speak with an actual attorney. Your legal matters are important and should not be cast aside to anyone but an actual attorney who is familiar with your case.

If you have a medical malpractice claim, suffered a personal injury, were arrested in Memphis, or were merely given a speeding ticket in Shelby County, we are always here to help.   

We are confident that if you give us a call at 901-526-9494 to discuss your potential claim we know you will like what we have to say. You will be treated with the utmost attention and respect, just like a family member.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 9:36 AM
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