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Motorcycle Accidents and the Dangers of The Road

Even with the cold weather approaching, many riders in the mid-South still take the time to enjoy riding their motorcycle. With this experience typically comes enhanced danger, usually due to other drivers, not of the riders own fault. Combined with the decrease in daylight hours this time of year these dangers are even more common. 

As liberating as riding a motorcycle is, riders are subjected to the dangers of sharing the road with drivers who are not watching out for them.

Statistics show that both injuries and fatalities in motorcycle traffic crashes are on the rise. There are many reasons for this increase, but one particular reason are blind spots on behalf of vehicle drivers. In the state of Tennessee, many motorcycle accidents occur because vehicle drivers are unable to see the motorcyclist when turning or crossing intersections. This then leads to a devastating accident and injury.

Motorcycle accidents can be even more devastating than car or truck accidents, with more extensive injuries and damages. Every year motorcycle crashes cause death, brain, head, neck, spinal cord, shoulder, knee and other injuries to tens of thousands of people. Many times a rider is seriously injured because a car or truck driver does not take the time to look for the motorcyclist.

Making matters worse, insurance companies serve their own interests and will hire claims adjusters and lawyers whose job it is to avoid paying claims or settle them for less than their fair value. They will do whatever is necessary to minimize the amount they pay you or your family – especially when the stakes are so high, as they are with motorcycle accidents.

For the best outcome regarding your personal injury claim as a result of a motorcycle accident, it is imperative to work with an attorney. When you work with an attorney, you can raise the chance that your personal injury has a minimal implication upon your life and that you get the care and compassion that you deserve. Below are the main ways that working with a personal attorney can be to your advantage.

Insurance companies are not your friends, and when you find yourself in a personal injury case, you need a professional that is fully aware of what compensation is due to you according to the law. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve because your lawyer is skilled in negotiation skills that work to get you the best settlement possible.

As is an issue with many personal injury cases, insurance companies will try to lower the compensation that is due to you. While most cases settle out of court, there are times an agreement cannot be made. To settle this dispute, your attorney will represent you in court. Success of this will be tied to your law firm's ability to provide demonstrable evidence including expert witness testimony showing a jury exactly why your injury deserves compensation.

Lastly, as a victim of a motorcycle accident that has caused you psychological and physical damage, not only has your quality of life been reduced, but you also likely bear the burden of hefty medical bills which are difficult to pay because your employment has been affected. To put it simply, you deserve more. You deserve the ability to pay for your medical bills, to work normally, and to have a full and happy life. A personal injury lawyer can help you attain that by using the full extent of the law to ensure that you are taken care of and are not taken advantage of by unjust insurance firms.

When we work on your case, we employ professionals that have experience beyond the field of the law. Because we want the best outcome possible, our firm also works with professionals in the fields of forensic engineers, accident re-constructionists, vocational rehabilitative counselors, economists, and toxicologists. In addition to this, our firm also helps our clients by urging them to consult with physician specialists that have extensive knowledge in personal injuries.

For any questions related to your motorcycle accident or any type of personal injury claim call The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-526-9494 for a free consultation or fill our out online form. Again, thank you in advance for allowing us the pleasure in assisting you with your legal needs.

Posted by Brian Chiozza at 8:35 AM
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