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Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Tickets & Auto Injuries in Memphis

Attorneys that handle auto accident cases recognize that clients struggle to understand the details involving these cases. Whether the premise of the case be a debate on who is at fault, if the ticket is rightly deserved or if an injury claim is appropriate, auto accident cases present plenty of confusion.

Because of this, our Memphis traffic lawyers created an all-encompassing resource that helps you navigate your specific traffic case and the details it entails.

Why Attorneys Help in Your Traffic Ticket Case

Traffic tickets produce anger and annoyances, and we completely understand. Getting stopped adds unexpected delays to your day, makes you late for your responsibilities and creates a list of deliverables that you now face.

When you are met with a speeding ticket, you should consider the expertise of an auto accident attorney to handle your case. With experience in the courtroom and an understanding of the laws and regulations, our Memphis traffic lawyers work diligently to either dismiss your case or lessen the punishments.

Auto accident attorneys help their clients in a variety of ways given the situation. However, three common areas that our clients take comfort in letting us handle are the following:

Avoiding Increased Insurance Rates

Do not automatically jump for joy when you learn that paying the fine for a ticket will suffice. Sure, you may avoid a court date that way. But, the court system fails to mention that paying the fine--the easy way out--often admits guilt on your behalf.

Admission of guilt is music to insurance company’s ears. Whenever the opportunity to increase your rates exist, insurance companies hop on it. Allow your Memphis traffic lawyers to carefully examine the traffic ticket and formulate the best approach to avoid increased insurance rates.

Minimizing Points on Your Driving Record

If you plead guilty, each speeding ticket or traffic violation will add points to your driving record. As previously stated, insurance companies chomp at the bit to increase your rates. When the points on your driving record increase, insurance companies have evidence to increase the rates.

Over the course of a year, you have a maximum number of acceptable points before your license becomes suspended. Whether your violation is running a red light, rear-ending a car or exceeding the posted speed limit, points are distributed and counted on your record.

The Tennessee Department of Safety sends a notice of proposed suspension to any record that accumulates 12 or more points in a one-year span. If you fail to request a hearing for your questionable record, you may be served with a suspension of your license.

For an extensive list of traffic violations and the point(s) associated with each violation, visit our Points on a Driving Record page.

Your traffic ticket attorneys have a deep understanding of traffic laws and how they can impact your future. We know that a suspended license creates havoc in your life, so we want to help you avoid any unwarranted points on your driving record. If your license is suspended, we are equipped to assist you throughout that process.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Suspended License

Let’s be clear - do not drive with a suspended license.

We understand that you need your paycheck. We recognize that your children need to attend school. But, we also value the court system and its charges against driving with a suspended license.

If you incur a citation for Driving While License Suspended, this criminal misdemeanor charge could lead to a substantial fine or prison time. With a citation, you also are required to go through booking and processing. Following booking and processing, you will receive a mandatory court date for General Sessions Criminal Court.

As we mentioned above, your license could be suspended if you accrue 12 or more points on your driving record. Other citations that could lead to a suspended license include unpaid court fees or driving under the influence.

Before you decide to hit the gas, remember the consequences for driving with a suspended license.

However, if you are handed a citation and given a suspension, our Memphis lawyers understand the legalities and can help minimize the damages of a suspended license, providing you with the best options moving forward.

Why the Rear-End Collision is Not My Fault


Rear-end collisions create fright, commotion, anxiety and even anger. While the immediacy and panic following a rear-end collision can contribute to quite a scene, we want you to be prepared in handling the accident case in the court of law.

Specifically, we want you to understand this: not all tailing drivers are at fault in a rear-end collision.

The leading driver can easily be at fault in some instances. While that may seem odd, consider these circumstances and determine the at-fault driver:

  • Lead driver slams on his or her breaks to harass the the tailing driver, which bumps into the leading vehicle.
  • Lead driver swerves in and out of lanes, recklessly driving through traffic, causing a rear vehicle to bump into the lead vehicle as it swerves into the lane.
  • Lead driver carelessly drives in treacherous weather conditions with no regard for safety. As the lead driver speeds into a puddle, he or she slides into the next lane of traffic, causing a rear-end collision.

In each of these instances, the tailing driver has a strong argument that he or she is not the one at fault. Don’t think that the rear vehicle automatically owns the fault.

If you believe you have a case to avoid being at fault in a rear-end collision, we have experience in representing people just like you. We understand the rules of the road, and we will help you throughout the process.

Why Should I File an Injury Claim?

We recognize that injury recovery takes precedence over any legal cases involving injury claims. Following a car wreck, the most important factor is examining your health and getting on the path to recovery.

Once you have solidified a plan for tending to your injuries, you should consider hiring a Memphis lawyer to assist in claiming legal damages for your personal injury.

Our team has handled countless personal injury cases involving auto accidents and are well equipped to best serve you.

Based on the severity of the auto accident and your health status, you could receive financial assistance on the road to recovery by claiming one or more of the following:

Medical Expenses

The most common type of auto-accident personal injury lawsuit concerns recovering medical expenses. Whether you suffered minor cuts, whiplash or traumatic injuries, you could pursue a legal case and recover compensation to handle your medical expenses.

If you believe you have a case for recovering medical expenses, allow us to assist you throughout the case. Possible medical expenses that may be compensated by winning a legal case include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Medical treatment & hospital fees
  • Physical therapy fees
  • Medication fees
  • Ambulance fees
  • Medical appointment fees
  • Home service fees

Lost or Decreased Compensation

Clients often approach us and ask if they can recover the wages they lost from their employer because an accident-induced injury prevented them from working.

The answer? Yes.

If the auto accident never occurred, you would have been at your desk or on the job site working per usual. To recover payment that you otherwise would have received, you need to prove that the accident-related injuries kept you away from work. You can use hospital bills, doctor’s notes or therapy sessions as proof in a legal case.

Our Memphis lawyers are determined to recover as much compensation as you deserve. We ask that you provide documentation on previous check stubs, your skills, your experiences and the duties of your job so that we can determine the best route to win a legal case involving decreased compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Based on your auto accident and its ramifications on your life, you may have a strong case to recover compensation for pain and suffering. Defined as “the physical and mental distress suffered from an injury,” these cases consider the treatments and long-term impact of the injury.

Mental and emotional damages that could result from an auto accident and the ensuing treatments include anxiety, stress, fear or declining excitement for life.


Our group of Memphis traffic lawyers at Chiozza Law Firm are ready to assist you on your road to recovery. If you are considering filing a case or simply need legal consultation, consider our team as the experts you can trust in the Memphis area.

Posted by Brian Chiozza at 2:51 PM

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