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Nursing Home Sexual Abuse - The Unthinkable is Happening

Many people have heard about cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect and medical malpractice claims, but an unfortunate new, prevalent nursing home case involves sexual abuse of nursing home patients. Sadly, employees of nursing homes are acting on defenseless victims, incapable of fighting back. Recently, CNN published a disturbing and horrific report that details numerous cases of nursing home sexual assault and rape that has occurred throughout the United States.

What is Happening

People entrust nursing homes to protect and care for loved ones and assume those homes provide a peaceful and secure environment. The ones employed to oversee a patient’s care, however, are the same ones committing these disgusting acts. Due to negligent hiring practices and supervision, these “caregivers” are getting away with disgusting, violent and unthinkable crimes.  

Many cases of elderly sexual abuse are not investigated by police or state officials because either the victims are scared or their memory is beginning to decline. Combined with the nursing home administrator’s lack of interest in uncovering their employees despicable and horrific actions, victims and their families have an uphill battle in seeking justice.

According to the CNN article linked above, over 500 nursing home institutions across the United States have been investigated for sexual abuse allegations and failing to conduct sufficient and proper background checks on prospective employees.

What to Look For

Remember this - any non-consensual touching, sex, or even photography of the victim constitutes sexual abuse. Recognizing the signs of nursing home sexual abuse can help stop these incomprehensible actions and prevent further suffering for others in the future.  

If your loved one exhibits fear or discomfort around his or her caregiver or shows signs of extreme depression, abuse may be the reason. Difficulty sitting or walking, signs of vaginal bleeding or discomfort, evidence of STDs or bruising around the genital or breast area are possible symptoms of sexual abuse. Clothing that is torn or out of place may also warrant an investigation in a patient’s care.

We know sexual abuse is an extremely difficult issue to openly discuss, but we cannot ignore it. The trust we place in nursing homes is being breached while the elderly are being taken advantage of in many instances. Looking for signs of mental, physical or sexual abuse is of the utmost importance so that the law, both criminally and civilly, can hold these institutions and their employees accountable.

If you or a loved one suspects nursing home neglect, malpractice or sexual abuse, contact the experienced attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm for a confidential case evaluation. If your feel lost, ignored, confused or helpless with your situation, we can help aid and guidance.  

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 10:54 AM
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