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Our New Year's Resolutions to You

At the beginning of each New Year, nearly everyone makes New Year’s resolutions with hopes of improving their lives and those around them. As a Memphis-based law firm that specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal defense, The Chiozza Law Firm would like to share a few of our New Year’s resolutions to you.

Our Services

In 2017, we are striving to add additional areas of practice outside of auto accidents, personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal defense. We hope that you will contact us for all of your legal needs, no matter how small. If we cannot help you, we will try to find or recommend a lawyer who can be of service.

Our Staff

Lawyers receive a large volume of phone calls throughout the day. That’s why we are increasing our staff to assist you in times that your lawyer is in court. Additionally, our attorneys will always provide you with their personal cell phone number so that you can reach them after hours or during an emergency situation.

Our Fees

In 2017, we also want to continue our practice of offering reasonable legal fees for all matters. We strongly believe that the client comes first and that the client is the one who should receive a fair and reasonable settlement.

Therefore, we maintain a policy wherein the maximum fee for most automobile accidents is 25 percent, compared to the 33.3 percent that most law firms charge their clients, if not more. It may not sound like much, but in a personal injury settlement, we have found it makes a large difference in the amount of money you receive.

For criminal defense matters, we will happily work out a payment plan that you can afford. Please note that the entire fee is never due in full up front.

Our No-Appointment Policy

Our promise of no appointment necessary will remain in 2017. Our offices, conveniently located at 230 Adams Avenue in Downtown Memphis, are always open to current and potential clients.  Stop by and speak with one of our attorneys who can best advise you of any legal matter.

2016 was a tough year for many around the world, but we carry hope that 2017 will be better for all. The city of Memphis is making substantial progress in many areas, and we hope everyone will consider giving back in one way or another. As we previously mentioned on our blog, there are ways to volunteer for Memphis organizations that are helping make the Mid-South a better place.

We always welcome your feedback and greatly value your opinion. Please contact me personally, brian@chiozzalaw.com, with any suggestions you may have for how we can better serve our clients.

We are a family-run law firm, consisting of a father and three sons working together to bring you the best legal experience possible. When you present your case to our office, you can have confidence that we will all take part in opening, investigating and helping your legal matter reach a favorable outcome. We take pride in knowing that you can discuss with an attorney face-to-face should you have a question or concern.

Your legal matters are important. They should not be cast aside to anyone but an actual attorney who is familiar with your case. Once again, we want to thank the Mid-South residents for allowing us to serve your legal needs in 2016 and beyond.

Whether we are your first call or last, we are confident that if you contact us at 901-526-9494 to discuss your potential claim, we know you will like what we have to say. You will be treated with the utmost attention and respect, just like a family member.

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 8:58 PM
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