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Selling Beer and Alcohol to Minors in Tennessee

With wine and beer sales now allowed around Memphis in both grocery and liquor stores alike, there are more outlets for minors to try and illegally purchase alcohol. Even if a store owner or clerk mistakenly reads an I.D., there can be stiff consequences under Tennessee law. Not only can a conviction permanently harm your public record, it can also cause severe business issues for the store owner or permit owner.

In our experience, most violations occur when a clerk has misread the date of birth on a purchasers I.D. and sold alcohol to a minor. While this is a common and easily made mistake, rest assured you will be cited under T.C.A. 57-5-301. A citation for Selling Beer/Alcohol to a Minor is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable with a fine and up to a year in jail. These citations do not typically yield jail time, but the following forms of punishment are not uncommon:

  • Probation for up to 11 months and 29 days in misdemeanor cases
  • Community Service work as designated by the prosecutor
  • Fine and court costs
  • Risk having a permanent conviction on your public record

While the above are indicative of punishments for the criminal charge of Selling Beer/Alcohol to a Minor, there are other problems that may occur. Depending on the number of offenses, a store owner can also lose his/her license to sell alcohol, or their license can be temporarily suspended.   

In Tennessee, this law not only applies to the sale of alcohol but also to places where alcohol is provided, including house parties and private functions. For instance, if you are found to have provided alcohol to an underage individual in your home or at a party you are hosting, then you can be cited for a criminal offense.    

If you have been cited for Selling Beer/Alcohol in the Memphis area, you will need the advice and assistance of a dedicated and experienced criminal defense team. The Chiozza Law Firm has represented many clients over the years who have been cited for Selling Beer/Alcohol to a Minor. Our priority when handling these types of cases is to ensure that the charge does not go on your permanent record. We do our best to have these matters dismissed or receive alternative sentencing to remove said charge from your record.  

If you need legal assistance for the charge of Selling Beer/Alcohol to a Minor, or any other type of misdemeanor or felony charge, feel free to contact us at 901-526-9494 for a confidential case consultation.  You may also email Brian Chiozza for immediate assistance. We also provide legal assistance in criminal matters in Germantown, Bartlett and Collierville courts. It has always been our goal to provide quality representation for a reasonable fee, while providing a strong defense and voice both in and out of the courtroom.    



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 1:45 PM
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