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Should You Give an Insurance Company a Recorded Statement?

Following every auto accident, the involved insurance companies will request that you provide a recorded statement as to the facts of the accident and any medical treatment. What you may not realize is that there are ulterior motives at play with this request. The insurance company is not requesting a recorded statement just to help with the claim. They are wanting to pin you down on a statement and compare the recorded version of events with any other statements you may have made or will make in the future.

Why Do They Ask for a Recorded Statement?

The insurance company is hoping that recorded statement will provide contradictions with what you have previously stated, which will in turn allow them to deny your claim. Another advantage for the insurance company when obtaining a recorded statement is that it allows the adjuster working for the insurance company to phrase and ask questions in a way that will bring out a response that will benefit their side of the case.  

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The insurance company will often ask leading or vague questions that can guide you into making misleading statements. If possible, any variance or discrepancy in your statement will certainly be used against you in the future.

One question we are asked every day is whether you must consent to giving a recorded statement. Simply put, if the other party’s insurance company is requesting a recorded statement, then you do not have to consent. They cannot deny your claim just because you refuse to give a recorded statement. 

What if Your Own Insurance Company Asks for a Recorded Statement?

On the other hand, if your own insurance company is requesting a recorded statement, then it is usually wise to do so. If you do not cooperate with your own insurance company, then your claim can be denied because of compliance provisions contained in many standard liability contracts.  

Contact The Chiozza Law Firm for Help

If you are confused or unsure about an automobile claims process, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Memphis personal injury attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm.  We assist clients during each step of the claims process, including any requests for recorded statements. We want to help you legally obtain full compensation for damages related to your auto accident. We have a long history on achieving successful verdicts and settlements on behalf of our Mid-South injury clients.  

Call 901-526-9494 for a confidential and free case analysis. If we cannot assist you in your matter, we will try to find an attorney who can. Our clients’ needs and welfare come first, just like a family member. You will pay us nothing if we are not successful in obtaining a settlement or judgement for you.  



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 4:01 PM
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