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Surgery Center Negligence - Know Your Rights

Since the 1970s, surgery centers have been opening around the country at a rapid pace. Surgery centers are health care facilities where patients can go for previously scheduled surgeries by his or her treating physician.

The increase in surgery centers is largely attributable to Medicare, which approved payment for procedures beginning in 1982. Subsequently, in 1993, Congress exempted doctors from The Stark Law, which is a federal law preventing doctors from referring Medicare or Medicaid patients to a facility wherein the doctor maintains a financial interest.

These two factors largely contributed to many practicing physicians opening and maintaining a financial interest in many surgery centers around the United States, routinely referring their patients from the hospitals they work at to their respective surgery centers for procedures.

In a lengthy investigation, USA Today discovered many cases of malpractice that had occurred around the country at numerous surgery centers. It is noted that surgery centers often provide a convenient way for patients to undergo routine procedures with minimal problems. It is when doctors attempt to perform riskier surgeries that problems and negligence can arise.

Typical issues can be related to surgery center negligence are:

  • Understaffing
  • Inadequate training of nurses and staff
  • Lack of necessary life-saving equipment
  • Insufficient follow-up and monitoring of a patient after surgery

Many people would argue that physician-owned surgery centers are good for the patient in that the doctor has a greater interest in his or her patients care because they have a vested interest in the facility. While true, patients must also know that surgery centers are not hospitals.

If you or a loved one has experienced complications related to a surgery or care at a surgery center you should contact an experienced attorney to learn your rights. Our team of experienced Medical Malpractice attorneys have years of experience handling complex malpractice matters. We do so in a confidential and compassionate manner, knowing the strain these matters can put on a client and their families.

We will investigate your matter fully, conferring with experts to determine if your case involved medical malpractice. You will pay no up-front costs or expenses, as we are only take a fee if we are successful in obtaining a settlement on your behalf.

Feel free to call 901-526-9494 for a free consultation or email Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com for further assistance.


Posted by Brian Chiozza at 3:15 PM
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