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The Dangers of Texting While Driving are Real

Texting and Driving

Without question the one crime being committed more than any other in today’s society is texting while driving, strictly prohibited by law under T.C.A. 55-8-199.

The modern, technology-driven society in which we live has allowed us to communicate more easily and to multitask more effectively. However, there are still certain situations that call for our complete attention, and driving is one of them.

While text messaging is a useful way of reaching friends and loved ones, texting while driving has become one of the most serious problems we face on the road.  Sadly, the number of deaths associated with texting while driving is a serious cause for concern.

Whether you are driving on Poplar Avenue or on a rural highway or county road in Millington, TN, an accident can occur within seconds. Drivers cannot afford to divert their attention from the road.

Unfortunately, many drivers do elect to operate their vehicles and text on their phones at the same time. The Chiozza Law Firm has represented many clients who have sustained serious injuries resulting from the negligence of a driver who was texting while also operating their car. The results are usually tragic.

Teens Who Text and Drive are a Big Concern


People of all ages have been caught texting while driving, but teenage drivers’ habits are particularly concerning. Recent studies have shown that nearly 60% of high school seniors acknowledged that they text while driving while another study showed that texting while driving is the most common cause of death among teens in the U.S., surpassing alcohol-related deaths.

The attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm have years of experience helping innocent victims throughout the Mid-South area and the State of Tennessee pursue justice and compensation from drivers who were texting at the time of an accident.

At The Chiozza Law Firm we will launch a thorough, professional investigation of your accident in order to determine its cause and prove liability as we negotiate and/or litigate your claim.

For a free consultation contact The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-526-9494. While we handle all types of cases, if we are unable to help you we will do our best to recommend an attorney who can assist you with your legal matter.

Posted by Brian Chiozza at 9:03 AM
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