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The Difference Between a Large Law Firm and a Smaller Firm

If you choose to believe everything you see and hear during lawyer run advertisements these days, then it must be true that only the largest law firms can handle your legal matters. I am of the opinion this is not necessarily true.  A large, nationwide law firm can definitely be of assistance when gathering clients for a class action lawsuit, but when it comes to individual cases and legal problems, The Chiozza Law Firm believes that one-on-one assistance and personal relationships are more beneficial.

Many large law firms can tout a workforce of hundreds of attorneys, but will all these attorneys be handling YOUR claim? Most assuredly not, when in fact, you may have a hard time meeting the attorney handling your claim in person or obtaining his or her cell phone number to ensure constant, personal contact.

Again, large firms like to tout their ability to fight insurance companies because of their size. I can assure you that the size of the law firm does not guarantee results. It is the ability of the individual attorney handling the claim that can have the greatest impact.  We always recommend you personally interview multiple attorneys before deciding on legal representation. It is too important of a decision to make without obtaining multiple legal perspectives and opinions. The attorney you meet with should instill confidence in you and understand your claim, while also assuring you of his or her personal availability throughout the claims process.    

The Chiozza Law Firm offers specialized legal representation in certain legal areas, including auto accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and criminal defense. We have always tried to limit our practice areas so that our clients will benefit from our years of experience in each of these legal fields. If you are looking for a real estate or patent attorney, the larger law firms can certainly assist you. Alternately, call us at 901-526-9494, and we will try to recommend an attorney who can help even if we can’t be of service.  

Handling any type of legal matter can be stressful for the client and attorney alike. That’s why we believe that long-term relationships with our clients are beneficial to everyone. We don’t want to take on every single matter that is presented to us, as we truly believe a firm’s individual attention is the best way to assist clients.

We want you to be comfortable stopping by the office anytime, for any reason. If it’s just to say hello, then by all means stop by. If it’s to discuss your case or meet with your attorney, then please come to our downtown office. We never require appointments. We want to be your family’s law firm for generations to come. We want to be more than just a company logo or catchphrase you heard on television or the radio and used for a quick legal matter.

As noted in our history of verdicts and settlements, we have handled all types of injury claims, both large and small. Each of these claims was handled from beginning to end by the same group of dedicated attorneys, overseeing each case every step of the way. We also believe that the client comes first, as evidenced by our client-friendly fee arrangement. We may not be the largest law firm in the United States, but The Chiozza Law Firm believes each client deserves to have an attorney who will treat them like family, looking out for the client’s best interests, personally and legally.  

If you need the assistance of a local Memphis attorney, contact a lawyer at 901-526-9494 to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation or stop by our Downtown Memphis office. Our guarantee is if we are not successful in obtaining a settlement in your injury case, then you owe us nothing. Don’t get lost in the thousands upon thousands of different types of cases large law firms handle. Simply contact the Chiozza Law Firm for a personalized legal experience.

On a side note, our offices will be open on Martin Luther King Day so that we can better serve your legal needs. Feel free to email Brian Chiozza for immediate assistance.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 4:07 PM
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