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The Importance of Expert Witnesses in Litigation

When you are stuck in litigation with an insurance company, your case can rest on the testimony of expert witnesses. Expert witnesses are not someone who saw the accident or observed the negligence of another, but rather an individual with highly trained skills and an educational background in the area in which he/she is testifying.



Memphis-Attorneys-Chiozza-Law-FirmExpert witnesses become necessary during the claims process when it can be difficult for a normal person to understand certain parts of the claim. For instance, in an accident involving multiple vehicles or a confusing accident scene, an accident reconstruction expert can help determine what happened. Your attorney should hire an accident reconstruction expert who will use his/her experience and knowledge in studying accident reports, photos and damages to the vehicles to determine who was at fault or what contributing factors may have led to the accident. Other instances when an expert witness should be retained are:

Medical Malpractice Claims - In every medical malpractice claim the Plaintiff’s attorney must obtain the services of an expert in the medical field to show that the normal standard of medical care was breached by the Plaintiff’s treating physician.

Product Liability Claims - Products Liability claims usually require the testimony of an expert witness who can determine that a product design was unsafe and defective. An expert witness in this field can look at similar products to determine which safety measures were overlooked prior to placing a defective product in the hands of the consumer.

The Chiozza Law Firm has a group of injury attorneys with extensive experience in contacting and retaining expert witnesses for all types of legal claims. We understand the use of expert witnesses during both the litigation and trial portions of a legal matter. This also includes having the requisite knowledge of defense counsel’s expert witnesses and determining how to best question them.

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 1:45 PM
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