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The Law and School Bus Stops

School Bus Laws in Tennessee

School BusSchools in Memphis and the Mid-South are back in session, which means a large number of school buses on the roadways. The drivers of these buses are entrusted with safely transporting students of all ages to and from their bus stops and schools. Unfortunately, the drivers can only do some much to guarantee a safe arrival for the students, as the other drivers on the roadway are typically at fault when an accident occurs. Just this week, as reported by WREG channel 3 News, a driver was killed when her vehicle rear-ended a Panola County, Mississippi school bus.

Any accident involving students on a school bus is one too many, which is why the law surrounding school bus stops is very clear. As stated in T.C.A. 55-8-151:

  • When a bus driver initiates red flashing lights and the stop arm on the side of the bus, any drivers behind said bus must stop.
  • Drivers cannot pass a school bus that is in the process of unloading or loading children.
  • If there is no grassy median or physical barrier separating traffic in the opposite direction, then traffic in the same and opposite direction must also stop.
  • Do not proceed until the bus driver motions you forward or the bus itself resumes.
  • School zone speed limits are closely monitored and will typically be 15 mph lower than the normal speed limit on that particular road.
  • Use of a cell phone in a school zone is strictly prohibited.

    Violations of school zone laws can result in a number of criminal charges, ranging from Class C Misdemeanors to felony charges when serious bodily injury occurs following an accident.  It goes without saying, just a little patience and awareness by drivers in a school zone can help everyone safely navigate any hectic morning. Saving a few minutes on one’s commute by passing a stopped school bus is not worth your life or others.  

If you have been injured in a school bus accident or MATA bus accident you should consult an attorney to learn your rights and options.  One of the bus accident attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm will happily meet with you for a free, no obligation consultation and investigate your matter to ensure that your rights are protected.  We understand that accidents happen, and that time is of the essence, as an immediate and thorough investigation of the accident scene can make a world of difference in your case.   

Accident claims involving injuries to children are some of the most difficult to handle, as they usually involve both emotional and physical injuries.  We believe that our attorneys have the experience, compassion, and professionalism to guide your child and family through the legal process.  You may contact an experienced bus injury attorney or call 901-526-9494 for assistance. For immediate help, you may also email Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com. We are more than happy to set up a consultation at your home or our office, conveniently located in Downtown Memphis at 230 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 8:09 AM
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