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Things to Know Before Meeting With Your Attorney

meeting with an attorney

Meeting with an attorney in Memphis, TN does not have to be a difficult, confusing, or even time-consuming event. Whether you have a medical malpractice claim, suffered a personal injury, or were arrested in Memphis, there is no need to feel anxious about your consultation.  During your free consultation with an attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm, we will do our best to put you at ease while answering all of your legal questions and explaining the process.  To make sure a client gets the most out of their initial meeting with an attorney no matter the type of case, it is always helpful if you do or bring the following:

  • Be on time for your scheduled appointment. Many attorneys will schedule specific appointments throughout the day, and it is very helpful if a client is on time or calls to reschedule ahead of time.
  • Bring any written material you believe is relevant to your case.  For instance, if you have been involved in an auto accident it is great to have a copy of the accident report or the report number so your attorney can obtain it.  If you were the victim of medical malpractice having a complete copy of your medical records, if possible, is a great help to assist your attorney in reviewing the claim.
  • Having a list of questions written down that you would like answered by your attorney is always a good idea. Trust me, attorneys like to talk, a lot. Having a list of questions ready for your attorney will keep your consultation on track. Most attorneys should be able to competently answer all your questions which usually provides clients with the legal knowledge and insight they deserve.
  • Do your research before setting up a consultation.  Many attorneys are happy to schedule appointments, even if they won’t be able to assist you.  Therefore, do a little research before setting up a consultation with an attorney. For instance, if you need help with a bankruptcy, don’t schedule a meeting with a personal injury attorney. Many attorneys limit their practice to select areas of law. If you don’t know where to look, feel free to call The Chiozza Law Firm and we will be happy to recommend an attorney in the area you need.

During our meetings with potential clients, The Chiozza Law Firm will try and take as much time as a client needs to fully answer all their questions, while also explaining every legal right and option.  It is during this meeting that we are happy to discuss possible outcomes based on our long legal history and experience.

To schedule an appointment with an attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm simply call 1(901)526-9494, text (901) 545-9390, or email Attorney Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com.


The Chiozza Law firm has years of courtroom experience in handling all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including driving offenses, drug charges, theft of property, passing bad checks, and many other felony matters.   

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 10:30 AM
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