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Things to Know If Arrested or Cited While Courts are Closed

With courts still rescheduling many in-person court dates due to COVID concerns, there are a few things we believe you should know if you are arrested or issued a misdemeanor citation in Shelby County, Memphis, TN. Criminal cases that are currently pending at 201 Poplar have already been assigned new court dates. If you or a loved one are arrested or issued a misdemeanor citation during these temporary court closures you should know the following:

  • If you are arrested and taken into physical custody, more likely than not an appropriate bond will be set before your court setting. If you make your bond and are released from custody prior to your court date, then you will be assigned a new court date. Your appearance at this initial court date, if out of custody, will be waived. If you are unable to make your bond, then you will be taken to your designated courtroom for arraignment. If you remain in custody your court settings will be handled as usual. Should you make your bond at any time during the proceedings then your date will be subsequently rescheduled. To find out your new court date feel free to contact one of the criminal defense attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm. We will be happy to assist you in determining your new court setting and providing a free consultation to go over your legal rights and options.
  • If you are issued a misdemeanor citation and are not taken into custody your court date will probably be rescheduled. It is best that you also contact Shelby County Records and Identification Department to determine if your designated booking and processing date will be rescheduled.
  • If you are issued a traffic citation that is scheduled during the temporary court closings your date will automatically be reset. You may contact the Memphis City Court Clerk’s Office for additional reset information or call 1(901)636-3400

Being arrested or issued a criminal citation can be stressful. It can cause additional worry when COVID is forcing delays in court proceedings and people are unaware of what current policies and procedures are being followed in Shelby County. Don’t let these delays confuse you. Our experienced criminal defense team is here to help. To find out your new court date feel free to call 1(901)526-9494, email Attorney Brian Chiozza, or text an attorney at 1(901)550-4418. We will be happy to assist you in determining your new court setting and providing a free consultation to go over your legal rights and options.

The Chiozza Law Firm has many years of courtroom experience, handling nearly every type of criminal charge. We have assisted clients charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Theft of Property, Passing Bad Checks, Driving While License Suspended, drug-related offenses (including possession charges), Assault, and many other misdemeanor/felony charges. If we are successful in obtaining a dismissal, we also handle the expungement process, which will clear all charges from your public record.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 2:30 PM
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