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Tragic Story of Baby Born to Woman in a Vegetative State

As reported by CNN, most have heard of the tragic and horrifying story of an unidentified Phoenix woman who has been in a vegetative state for many years and recently gave birth to a baby boy on December 29, 2018. Obviously, questions remain as to who is responsible for the sexual assault that resulted in an unintended pregnancy and childbirth. The assault allegedly occurred at Hacienda Healthcare Facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix police investigating the sexual assault have ordered DNA samples and records from many male employees working for Hacienda Healthcare Facility. Said facility has released a statement recognizing their responsibility in the incident, while the company’s chief executive officer resigned this past Monday.

After reading this story, I don’t believe words can describe the outrage, pain, disbelief, and shock this woman’s family must be feeling. According to sources, Hacienda Healthcare Facility had been entrusted with the patient’s care for almost a decade. To learn of such a breach of trust must be a devastating pain for the patient’s family and friends.  

In the long run, legally speaking, the man responsible for the sexual assault will be prosecuted, and the facility entrusted with the patient’s care will pay a large legal settlement. The most important person to consider in this whole ordeal is the newly born boy, who will probably never know his mother due to her condition. The family has said the boy will grow up in a loving environment with family support.

While it is difficult and disturbing to read stories about such sexual abuse of the disabled and elderly, it is not at all uncommon. As we wrote about in a March 2017 post, nursing home sexual abuse and neglect, along with medical malpractice claims at these facilities, is on the rise.  

Family members and residents themselves must know that any non-consensual sex, touching, or even photography is a form of sexual abuse. Any concern on behalf of a patient must be taken seriously. Those committing these crimes upon the elderly or disabled assume they have a weak victim who won’t fight back after abuse. You must fight for the patient’s rights and against the people responsible for such actions. That first step is calling the Chiozza Law Firm to discuss your family member’s immediate rights and options.

We have a long history of protecting patient’s rights in medical malpractice claims, nursing home abuse matters, and nursing home negligence cases. We are a family owned and operated law firm that will treat you like a part of our family. We are grateful for every client who entrusts our attorneys with their legal matters, and therefore see that every claim is handled in a professional and confidential manner.

If you believed a loved one was assaulted or negligently cared for at a nursing home or medical facility, call 901-526-9494 for a free consultation. You may also email Brian Chiozza for immediate assistance.  

The Chiozza Law Firm is a local, mid-south law firm with many years of experience handling all types of legal claims. Call 901-526-9494 or fill out a contact form for a free consultation. If we can’t help you, we will try to find an attorney who can.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 2:47 PM
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