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Trucking Accident Lawsuits in Tennessee

Trucking Accident Lawsuits in Tennessee

Even with a great portion of the country in a partial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people still need essential goods and services. Many of these goods are delivered via tractor-trailers. Every day these commercial carrier trucks make safe deliveries, with few exceptions. Unfortunately, these rare exceptions that involve 18-wheeler accidents usually result in devastating damages.


Why You Need an Attorney for a Trucking Accident

Because these vehicles are usually traveling on the highway at a high rate of speed, combined with their size and cargo load, any accident they might be involved in with smaller vehicles can result in significant injuries to other drivers. Having an experienced trucking litigation attorney in Tennessee can help you better understand the legal process in pursuing a claim against a trucking company and their insurance carrier.

Establishing Negligence in a Trucking Accident in TN

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you must first prove negligence by the other driver. Negligence in a trucking accident is usually due to load/cargo shifts, speeding, distracted driving, operator fatigue, drug/alcohol impairment, or mechanical issues involving the tractor-trailer. Negligence can also be established in a Tennessee trucking accident if you can prove the operator was inexperienced in driving such commercial vehicles or had been driving for such long hours that his/her driving was impaired.

Proving Damages in a Trucking Accident in TN

Once you have established negligence, you and your attorney will need to prove damages. As we stated earlier, trucking accident s usually result in serious injuries and significant economic damages. As with any auto accident or personal injury claim, a clients health and well-being is the most important thing to consider. Getting a client back to his/her pre-accident physical condition can take months, and sometimes years, before they are fully healed. Even if one cannot fully recover, an experienced trucking accident attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm will make sure your rights are protected during this time. In Tennessee, the Statute of Limitations to file a claim against a trucking company is one year from the date of the accident.

Report Your Case Quickly

As with most legal claims, time is of the essence. You will want to consult with an attorney as soon as possible following a trucking accident so that your claim can be properly investigated. We usually will try to obtain traffic camera footage, if available, and witness statements as soon as possible. Obtaining such evidence will assist your attorney in establishing fault and liability.

How Chiozza Law Can Help You

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers will be working against you every second that passes following an accident. Make a call to (901) 526-9494 to make sure your rights are protected. As evidenced by our past trucking-related verdicts and settlements, including a negotiated settlement in excess of 7 million dollars, we know how to handle these types of claims.

Contact Us

Contact us online, text us at 1(901) 545-9390, or email Attorney Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com to schedule a free consultation. We understand that in any accident it is the client who was injured and should be the person that is justly compensated. Click here to learn more about our low fee guarantee that puts more money in your pockets, not your lawyers.



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