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Uninsured Motorist Claims: Can My Insurance Company Drop Me?

Man After Car CrashAccording to Carinsurance.com, Tennessee’s number of uninsured drivers rates among the highest in the United States. They approximate that nearly 20 percent of drivers on the roads in Tennessee are uninsured. This means that almost one in every five Tennessee drivers involved in an accident is uninsured.

We are often asked, “Can my auto insurance carrier drop me or raise my rates for filing a claim under my own uninsured insurance policy?”


As provided by T.C.A. 56-7-1201(f), “No insurer shall increase the automobile insurance rate or premium of an insured with uninsured motorist coverage nor cancel the coverage due solely to the payment of any claim under uninsured motorist coverage.”

The above referenced statements are why we recommend you purchase as much automobile insurance coverage as you can afford. If you are involved in an accident, there is a one-in-five chance you will use your uninsured motorists coverage to cover medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related damages.

In Tennessee, drivers must carry liability insurance to reimburse victims for injuries or damages that may be sustained by the driver you struck. The minimum required monetary limits that a Tennessee driver must carry on his/her vehicle is $25,000 for each injury or death per accident and $50,000 for total injuries or deaths per accident.  

Again, this is the minimum a driver can carry in Tennessee, which is rarely enough to cover all the damages one may sustain in a serious accident. When you take out coverage, make sure you shop around with insurance carriers to purchase the maximum coverage amount you can afford and insist that you have uninsured/underinsured coverage on your policy.

After you file an uninsured motorist claim, your own insurance company basically steps in the shoes of the uninsured at-fault driver and compensates you for your sustained damages. While people seem to be hesitant to use their uninsured motorist coverage for a claim, understand that most individuals that do not carry auto insurance do not have the financial means necessary to cover auto accident related damages out of their own pocket nor pay for any court related judgement possibly levied against them.  

If you or a loved one have been involved with an uninsured driver, you should seek the opinion of an experienced attorney.  The Chiozza Law Firm – 901Law – offers free consultations for any legal matter, including auto accidents, motorcycle/bicycle accidents, medical malpractice claims and criminal defense matters.  

We offer no obligation, free consultations for all legal matters.  We handle auto accidents and medical malpractice claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning if do not make a recovery for you then you owe us nothing. We also offer lower attorney fees for auto cases.

One of the core principles that guides The Chiozza Law Firm is expert legal representation for a reasonable fee. After all, you are the client and the owner of your claim, so you deserve more of your settlement than your attorney.

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 7:48 AM
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