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What to Know: Low Testosterone Treatment and Side Effects

For the past few years, low testosterone treatments have been gaining ground as one of the more profitable medical industries across the world.

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t hear a commercial praising the benefits of “Low-T” treatments at a clinic near you.These clinics are targeting men of all ages to come by for testing and see how “Low-T” treatments can improve your sex drive and quality of life.

While the treatments can be beneficial for some, studies have shown that the treatment could create an increased chance of heart attack and stroke.

Regarding low testosterone treatments, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, MD at Men’s Health Boston, states, “Despite all the recent advertising campaigns, low T and its importance for men’s health remains very poorly recognized by both the public and by physicians.”

Because of the astronomical amount of money pharmaceutical manufacturers and clinics can make, there is always a chance that individuals are receiving treatment for low testosterone when it is not necessary.  

Recent studies have shown that men being treated for low testosterone with AndroGel and other gels, injections or pellets are at a higher risk to suffer cardiovascular complications. These treatments are possibly putting a patient at a higher risk for stroke, heart attack, and other serious conditions.

Disturbingly, some manufacturers of low testosterone treatments are not adequately warning patients of these side effects while some treating physicians are unnecessarily treating patients, failing to warn of possible conditions related to low T medications.

In 2014, the FDA began studying the possibility of increased cardiovascular complications with some testosterone treatments. The result? In 2015, the FDA required manufacturers to provide better warning labels on their products.

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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 3:49 PM
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