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When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime in Tennessee, wrongfully or not, can be one of the worst experiences a person can endure. Such a time can cause family, business, and personal distress many are not equipped to handle. Having an experienced Memphis criminal defense attorney can help alleviate such stress while guiding you thru the legal process every step of the way.

We couldn’t tell you how many times we have said it, but good people make mistakes, and with the right legal representation you don’t have to let such mistakes haunt you for the rest of your life.

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What to Look For When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

When looking for a criminal defense attorney there are certain things we recommend.

Work With Someone You Trust

Find an experienced attorney you are comfortable with and trust. We provide all our clients with their attorney’s personal cell phone number so that he/she can remain in contact with them throughout the legal process and after the case has finished.

Free Consultation

Find an attorney who will offer a free consultation. We understand every client will have hundreds of questions that need to be answered, which is why we offer confidential free consultations prior to court and try to answer such questions. We want clients to have a comfort level with us prior to retaining our services.

Fee Arrangements

Find an attorney who will offer reasonable fee arrangements for their legal services. We understand that each client has financial obligations outside of court, which is why we offer very reasonable fee arrangements and payment options to assist you. Hiring a reputable and quality criminal defense attorney does not have to be as expensive as some assume.

Open Communication

Find an attorney who can provide you with copies of your affidavit or citation that is related to your case. This will allow you to meet with your attorney and discuss the details of your case. We have access to such documents through the court’s computer system, which allows us to advise clients of their rights and options in a knowledgeable manner prior to court.

How Chiozza Can Help

The Chiozza Law Firm has many years of courtroom experience, handling all types of felony and misdemeanor charges. We have successfully defended clients charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Theft of Property, Driving While License Suspended, Passing Bad Checks, drug-related offenses (including possession charges), Assault, and many other crimes. If we are successful in obtaining a dismissal, we also handle the expungement process which will clear all charges from your public record.

Hiring a Memphis criminal defense attorney does not have to be a daunting task. Simply call 1(901)526-9494 to speak with a member of our criminal defense team. You may also email criminal defense attorney Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com, or fill out an online form here.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 7:17 AM
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