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Where to Seek Medical Treatment for Auto Accident During Coronavirus Outbreak

Pictures of Doctors and COVid 19

Auto Accident During Coronavirus Pandemic – Where to Seek Medical Treatment

During this unprecedented time in our history, people dealing with the Covid-19 virus are the number one priority to health officials across the country. Hospitals are facing the daunting task of finding room for patients and how to properly treat the mass of Coronavirus-related illnesses. While this is the doctor's and nurse’s main priority, they are also treating auto accident injury victims and other medical conditions. As reported by Channel 3 WREG News, Mayor Jim Strickland has issued a stay at home executive order that mandates that all non-essential employees in the City of Memphis are to stay at home until further notice. While this will alleviate many people on the streets, auto accidents are still inevitable.

Auto Accident Injury Recommendations

It is at this time that people must take great care in determining where and when to seek medical treatment if they are involved in an auto accident. For the foreseeable future, we recommend the following medical treatment options following an auto accident:

  • If the accident resulted in serious injury, then there is no choice but to call 911 and allow emergency medical personnel to determine the best facility for treatment.
  • If the injury requires treatment but is not too serious, one should forego immediate emergency room treatment and contact his or her primary care physician for guidance. Your primary care doctor can advise medical treatment facilities that are an alternative to local hospitals and emergency rooms.
  • If you do not have a primary care physician and have concerns about receiving treatment at a local hospital, yet are still injured after an accident, contact an experienced Memphis auto accident attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm.  We have a long history in Memphis and the Mid-South of assisting injured parties and guiding them through the healing process. With hospitals, emergency rooms, and local doctors’ offices assisting those suffering from Covid-19 related symptoms, we can assist those injured in auto accidents to find appropriate medical assistance.

Medical Treatment During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Through the years, we have been lucky enough to meet numerous outstanding local physicians that can treat those needing medical treatment following an auto accident or personal injury. Without question, this is a time in history when we must make wise decisions regarding medical treatment and care. If you have been injured in an auto accident and have questions regarding medical treatment, feel free to contact an auto accident attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm.  Our free online and confidential case evaluations are the best way to practice safe social distancing. During Mayor Strickland’s stay at home order, The Chiozza Law Firm and www.901Law.com will still be able to assist you with your legal problems and issues. For a full list of alternative phone numbers and emails of our staff, please click here.

Be safe and God Bless.



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 2:53 PM
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