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Who Is Liable For Damages When a Car Hydroplanes in Memphis, TN

Fall is fast approaching in Memphis, TN, and cooler weather and rainy days will follow. This weather brings a significant increase in auto accidents to the Mid-South. In our experience, many drivers continue to drive as they normally would on a sunny Mid-South day. Since they do not alter their driving methods or practices when driving in inclement weather, there are more accidents reported in these conditions.  How many times have you seen someone going 65 mph down Polar Avenue in Memphis, TN during a heavy rainstorm?  This is a recipe for disaster and can cause any number of different accidents and injuries.

One of the more common problems that can occur while driving in inclement weather is a vehicle suddenly hydroplaning. When the tires on a vehicle lose their grip on the road surface, the vehicle instead travels on the film of water sitting on top of the road. If this happens on a busy road, it becomes nearly impossible for the operator to control the direction or speed of the vehicle, often resulting in damages to other vehicles and potential injuries to their operators. Although hydroplaning is typically an unfortunate accident, liability for a hydroplaning vehicle almost always lies with the operator of the car.

The reason for this is that the law requires vehicle operators to take into consideration the present conditions, including the proximity of other vehicles and persons and weather conditions.  For instance, if it is raining outside you should know to operate your vehicle at a slower speed than normal to help prevent hydroplaning and provide a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles to ensure proper time and space to brake.

If you are operating your vehicle in a negligent manner in unsafe conditions, you will almost always be liable for any damages you cause.  Therefore, the best rule of thumb is to be extra wary of others on the road in bad conditions while also reducing your speed and increasing the distance between other vehicles.  While this will not always prevent an accident, it will decrease the odds of being involved in one.  

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Memphis, TN during inclement weather, The Chiozza Law Firm is here to help you every step of the way.  The Chiozza Law Firm has successfully represented injured parties across Tennessee for many years.  During this time, we have achieved substantial settlements and verdicts in all types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. For immediate assistance call, 901-526-9494 to proceed with a free, no-obligation consultation.


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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 12:43 PM
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