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Who is Responsible for Assaults on Private Property?

Picture of Police CarsAssaults on Private Property- Who Is Responsible?

Almost every week, we get a call from an injured person who was attacked or assaulted at a hotel, bar, business establishment, or parking lot. Unfortunately, these acts of violence are not uncommon, and the individual responsible may not be who you think. Yes, the attacker is criminally responsible for their actions, but the property owner may be held accountable in civil court for their lack of actions.

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Property Owners Are Responsible for Keeping You Safe

In the State of Tennessee, property owners are required by law to ensure that their establishment is safe for all individuals legally on said property. Safety measures should be in place to prevent third-party attacks such as assaults, robberies, or shootings.  

If a property owner’s establishment is in a high crime area or has had previous criminal activity reported on said property, they have a heightened responsibility to ensure that people on their property are safe. There are many measures property owners can and should take.

Safety Measures Property Owners Should Take

On-Site Security Personnel

Having on-site security personnel present when and where needed. This obviously is determined on a case by case basis partly dependent on prior criminal activity at such establishments. If you have been assaulted at such a place, you should contact an experienced Premises Liability Attorney immediately to investigate your claim and study all of your legal options and rights. 

Security Cameras

Having security cameras installed on the property can help to deter criminal activity. In the case the criminal activity does occur, you are usually able to view footage of the time it happened.

Proper Maintenance and Upkeep

Providing proper maintenance and upkeep can help to ensure that the property does not present places for an assault or other criminal activity to easily occur out of sight from others.

Civil Lawsuits for Criminal Activity in Memphis

No question it is difficult for property owners to always anticipate third-party criminal activity, but they must exercise ordinary care and use due diligence in preventing such activity. Whether this standard has been met will be determined by your attorney after fully investigating your potential claim. 

If we believe a property owner is civilly liable for injuries you sustained in an assault or attack, we will exhaust every available legal option to ensure that you are compensated for any related injuries. Such compensation can be for medical expenses, lost wages emotional distress, and pain and suffering.  

The Chiozza Law Firm’s Promise

If we unable to obtain a settlement or judgment on your behalf, then you owe us nothing. We have arranged our legal fees and contingency fee agreement to ensure that our clients receive the money they deserve, not your attorney. To learn more about The Chiozza Law Firm and our reasonable fee arrangement click here.  Call 901-526-9494 to arrange a confidential and free case evaluation or email Brian Chiozza for immediate assistance.  



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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 9:01 AM
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