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Why Overloaded Trucks Cause Accidents in Tennessee

According to FMCSA data found here, in 2020 alone there were approximately 160,000 people injured in traffic accidents involving large trucks or buses. Trucking accidents can be caused by several factors, including distracted driving and overworked drivers, but some of these horrific accidents are certainly caused by overloaded or misloaded tractor-trailers.  

An overloaded truck can suffer a load shift in windy conditions or while operating a curve in the road causing the tractor-trailer to roll over.  Once trucks of this size roll over, serious damage can occur to any person or property in its path.  We have represented individuals that sustained horrific and life-altering injuries after being struck by an overturned semi.  There are many reasons a truck can be overloaded or misloaded, including:

  • Negligence on the part of the loading company.  Many times, a driver will merely pick up a trailer that was loaded by another company or individual.
  • Negligence on the part of the driver for not properly inspecting the load prior to traveling.
  • Negligence on the packing company for overloading the trailer with too much weight.

 When a truck is overloaded, it cannot safely navigate sharp turns or downhill descents. Overloading the trailer to one side can easily lead to a rollover.

Due to the serious nature of most trucking accidents, it is important that you consult with an experienced Tennessee trucking accident attorney at The Chiozza Law Firm to properly investigate your claim.  Accidents of this nature take time to properly determine fault and the extent of damages.  

If you have been involved in a trucking accident call 1(901)526-9494 to make sure your rights are protected, and all your legal avenues are considered.  As evidenced by our past trucking-related verdicts and settlements, including a negotiated settlement in excess of 7 million dollars, we know how to properly handle Tennessee trucking accident claims.  Contact us online, text us at 1(901)545-9390, or email Attorney Brian Chiozza, at brian@chiozzalaw.com to schedule a free and confidential consultation.  We can also provide online or in-home consultations at your convenience.  


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Posted by Brian Chiozza at 8:04 AM
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