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Why to Avoid Social Media after an Auto Accident in Tennessee

It has almost become second nature for some people to document their personal life and feelings on social media in real time. Our society has become so accustomed to having direct insight into the lives of others that we think nothing of it when someone posts a happy or even tragic event that has recently occurred. Like any other event in one’s life, an auto accident in Tennessee is a tragic occurrence for all involved. Typically, there will be an inclination for the involved party to post about the accident if they are active on social media. As a Memphis, TN Plaintiffs auto accident attorney, we strongly advise that you not do so.

In fact, we usually recommend that you limit social media activity while your auto accident claim is pending. A few of the reasons to limit social media activity after an auto accident are:

  • · You can expect that if you are involved in an auto accident in Tennessee that the insurance company and their adjusters will examine your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. They will be looking for any type activity that can help limit the damages in your claim.
  • · For instance, if you allege a back injury was sustained in an auto accident but post a picture of yourself running a 5k race a week after the accident, that’s a problem.
  • · If you allege emotional distress but post pictures of you happily celebrating at a birthday party or vacationing, that’s a problem.
  • · If prior to the auto accident, you post about hurting your back moving furniture but then claim a back injury after the accident, that’s a problem.

Social media serves a purpose to inform, educate and allow users the freedom to post whatever they like. Unfortunately, these posts can be used against you if you were involved in an auto accident. We guarantee if your auto accident claim goes into litigation that the defense attorney for the at fault driver will inquire as to all social media posts you made after the accident in question.

If you feel the need to post something about the accident or your injuries on social media, we strongly advise that you consult with your attorney before doing so. If you have been involved in an auto accident in Tennessee a member of our auto accident team will happily discuss how social media can affect your case in detail while also answering any other legal questions you may have.

Simply call (901) 526-9494 to speak with an attorney or schedule a free case evaluation. You may also email Attorney Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com or text us at (901) 545-9390 for immediate assistance. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Posted by Brian Chiozza at 11:30 AM
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