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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense LAW

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Memphis, TN

Criminal defense attorneys are lawyers that specialize in defending those faced with criminal charges, sentencing, appeals, and more. Dealing with something as serious as a crime can be a difficult, draining process — that’s where the Chiozza Law team comes in. We can negotiate on your behalf with the knowledge, experience, and skill set necessary to give the results you need.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Your criminal defense attorney is your ally and confidant throughout the entire journey. They delve into the details of your case, field pointed inquiries about the process, and examine different angles of your defense. This may include looking at the evidence, interviewing witnesses, or even talking to police about their methods and other important details that could determine the outcome of your case in Memphis court. Criminal defense attorneys act as a liaison between you and the accusing party and help you navigate a trial and its outcome.

Chiozza’s criminal defense attorneys have extensive courtroom experience handling all criminal matters, including:

Memphis DUI Attorneys

Memphis law enforcement never takes the possibility of someone driving under the influence lightly. If they believe that you may be intoxicated and under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they’ll pull you over without hesitation. Our criminal defense attorneys have represented a vast number of clients facing DUIs in the court of law. We recognize the severity of these charges and the impact DUIs can have on a person and their loved ones — Chiozza will work with you to ensure that your situation is handled with care.

Memphis Traffic Violation Attorneys

In addition to the unneeded stress, tickets can also affect your license status. If you do not appear in a Memphis courtroom on your assigned day, you are subject to a monetary judgment and possible suspension of your license. Additionally, the Tennessee Department of Safety will record points on your driving record, which could lead to a driver’s license suspension, revocation, and an increase in your insurance premiums. 

In fact, not attending to certain traffic violations can lead to jail time. A citation for Driving While License Suspended is a criminal misdemeanor charge that can result in jail time and substantial fees. Driving While License Suspended charges require an individual to go through booking and processing, as well as a subsequent mandatory court date.

The Chiozza Law Firm attorneys can handle these traffic matters with the same attention to detail with which we handle all of our other cases. While these citations may not seem like an important matter compared to other legal issues, they can affect your long-term driving privileges in Memphis and the state of Tennessee.

Memphis Drug Attorneys

In the state of Tennessee, prosecutors actively and aggressively chase down drug-related offenses. This can lead to bigger issues for those who are facing a minor drug charge. With heavy punishments being a possibility, it’s important that you have proper representation to guide you through the process of a drug-related offense. Chiozza’s criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented many Memphis residents and achieved the best results possible.

Memphis Theft Attorneys

If you have been charged with a theft-related crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help navigate the murky waters that are our legal system. In Tennessee, the repercussions of a conviction for a theft crime can be serious and long-lasting, depending on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen. You do not have to face the stresses of a potential criminal conviction alone. Our top-notch attorneys can help have your charges dismissed or drastically reduced.

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Why You Should Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you’re facing a speeding ticket or a larger drug charge, choosing an experienced lawyer ensures you have the best chance of having your charges dismissed. With over 30 years of experience, Chiozza Law Firm can provide you with the expertise and knowledge of local courts you need, while using our good relationships with Memphis law enforcement to your benefit.


Hiring an experienced defense attorney is crucial to the success of your case. At Chiozza, we’ve seen it all! We’ve been practicing law in the Memphis area for nearly three decades, and are confident that we can help anyone with their legal case.

Knowledge of Local Courts

Our entire legal family was born and raised in Memphis, so we understand and know the local courts and law enforcement officials. We’re invested in our community and city, and want to help its residents receive the justice they deserve.

Good Relationships with Law Enforcement

The attorneys at Chiozza Law Firm have good working relationships with Memphis prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement. Hiring a defense attorney with an established name and network can help negotiations and proceedings move more quickly, and is beneficial to your overall case.

Call The Chiozza Law Firm for Expert Representation

When you’re fighting for your future, it’s critical that you hire someone you can trust. Chiozza’s attorneys understand how to defend every type of criminal case — we understand how the prosecution prepares their cases for trial, gathers their evidence, and how they will present their evidence in court. If you’re facing a criminal charge and want to fight for the best results, contact The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-286-8374 to schedule a free consultation.

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