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Hernia Complications

Medical Malpractice Law

Hernia Complications

Located in Memphis, TN

Class action and products liability cases can be very difficult to take on and equally confusing to explain. At The Chiozza Law Firm, we try to explain details of a case and the legal processes related to claims in an easy-to-understand, simple manner. While this may not be the most efficient approach all of the time, we believe it does help you, the potential client, determine if you have a case before seeking legal representation.

What to Know About Hernias

While this concept relates to Johnson and Johnson’s Physiomesh, you must first understand what leads the consumer to using such a product in the first place. A hernia is best described as a situation where an internal organ or tissue protrudes or pushes through an opening in the tissue or muscle that normally contains it.  

Obvious symptoms of a hernia are pain in the hip area, pelvis or possibly testicles. Other related symptoms include pain in the abdomen, groin area and tenderness to the touch.  

Hernia treatments can involve open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, which is minimally invasive. During surgery, the weak tissue that leads to the hernia is then reinforced with a synthetic mesh that will help prevent future occurrences. The process is similar to patching a raft that developed a hole.

Why to Avoid Physiomesh

Johnson & Johnson developed a hernia repair product that is alleged to have serious health-related issues to those subject to the Physiomesh. A small number of patients who had the Physiomesh implanted required additional revision surgeries due to the failure of the product.  

Some side effects possibly related to and stemming from Physiomesh implants include fever, nausea, chills or redness on the skin of the abdomen area or severe abdominal pain. 

Because of this, patients experiencing these issues filed a hernia mesh lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the Physiomesh, after implantation, is prone to break down in its form, which could possibly lead to infection or the recurrence of the hernia. 

Johnson & Johnson also filed a product recall of Physiomesh in May 2016.

What to Do Next

If you or a loved one used the Physiomesh, feel free to contact The Chiozza Law Firmat 901-526-9494 or email Brian Chiozza, brian@chiozzalaw.com, for a free consultation.  



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