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Post-Surgery Infection

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Post-Surgery Infections

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Surgery recovery can takes weeks, month, or even years. As you embark on the road to recovery, one major roadblock can stand in your way.

Post-surgery infection, also known as surgical site infection (SSI), occurs when any type of surgery that penetrates the skin results in an infection. These SSIs can live anywhere on your body, but they typically reside near the point of incision.

According to the National Health Safety Network, three types of SSIs impact patients.

Superficial Incisional

This type of SSI affects the skin, the immediate area around the incision, and any subcutaneous tissue. These infections result in possible redness, pain, or swelling.

Deep Incisional

This type of SSI impacts the fascial tissue and even your muscles. Beneath the area of incision, this infection leads to possible pus flow, presence of an abscess, fever, or extension or separation of the original incision.


This type of SSI infects any part of the body not identified by a muscle or skin, meaning that the infection could be in a body organ or in an open space between organs. This type of infection leads to possible pus drainage or presence of an abscess. This type of infection will likely be seen only through a reexamination of the incision or through an X-ray.

SSIs, which occur in 3 percent of surgeries annually, can present an array of issues and even threaten life. The severity of your infection depends on your unique situation. Every surgery is different.

Note, however, that you are more likely to experience SSI if you carry one of these following risks:

  • Prior medical issues
  • Frequent smoker
  • Diabetic
  • Overweight
  • Elderly
  • Weak immune system

What to Do After Finding a Post-Surgery Infection

If you believe that you have a post-surgery infection, you need to immediately contact your doctor. Most SSIs occur within 30 days of the surgery, so you should experience symptoms soon after your surgery. Allow the doctor to examine the wound and incision area to determine if you have an SSI.

Once you have an appointment scheduled or know for fact that you have an SSI and live in the Memphis area, contact The Chiozza Law Firm. We have experience handling post-surgery infection cases and understand the laws associated with it.

You can contact us my either calling 901-526-9494 or completing the form below. We’ll reach out as soon as we can to ensure that your possible post-surgery infection case is handled appropriately.

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