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Premises Liability

Personal Injury law

Premises Liability

Located in Memphis, TN

Premises liability is a complex area of personal injury law that may hold a property owner or occupant responsible when a person is injured because of a hazardous condition on the land.

Premises liability claims involve injuries caused by dangerous conditions on property. While most premises liability claims involve slip-and-fall injuries caused by dangerous conditions, other claims involve injuries caused by defective sidewalks, dangerous product placement, faulty lighting or inadequate maintenance or security, to name a few. 



The law typically requires residential and business property owners to maintain premises in a condition that is reasonably safe for those lawfully entering the property. Most property owners are protected by insurance coverage, and insurance companies are experienced in defending premises liability claims to minimize their exposure to pay medical bills, loss of income, and damages for physical pain and suffering.

The Chiozza Law Firm is well equipped to handle many types of premises liability claims, providing personalized legal representation to each client.

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