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Unfortunately, millions of Americans are injured or killed by defective products that are either poorly designed, poorly made or were not fully tested prior to being released to the marketplace.

The Chiozza Law Firm believes that corporations that make unsafe products should be held responsible for the injuries their products cause. Whether it is a defective automobile, toxic food, a dangerous drug, or one of the thousands of other items we use every day, we will fight to take on the companies that harm you and your family.

What is Product Liability?

Consumers trust that the products they buy are safe and have been thoroughly tested. If a product malfunctions, doesn't work the way it was designed to, or doesn't work as it was advertised, the company who made that product could be liable for the damage or injury it caused.

Hundreds of items are recalled each year for causing serious injuries to unsuspecting consumer.

Typical Examples of Products Liability:

No one should be at risk for serious injury or death due to a defective product at home or in the workplace. If you have been injured by a defective product you need a dedicated products liability attorney to defend your right to be safe from dangerous products.

What Types of Damanges Can I Recover?

You can recover damages if a product in your possession was faulty and caused you injury, due to poor design, manufacturing or testing. In product liability cases, there are two categories of damages to consider: 

Economic damages: these damages are in regards to monetary losses. This could be actual property damage or money missed out on due to injury. The most common types are medical expenses, cost of disability, lost wages and property loss. For each of these damages, a monetary value can be assigned. 

For example, if your vehicle is faulty and it causes a wreck, you could be compensated for damage to your vehicle (repair or replacement), any medical issues you experienced and lost wages while you were away from work. 

Non-economic: these damages are more difficult to quantify as they don’t pertain to something with a specific monetary value. The most common types are pain and suffering and loss of consortium. Since pain and suffering are more specific per case, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you recover adequate compensation for these damages. Also, loss of consortium pertains to injuries that negatively impact your relationship with a spouse, such as inability to maintain household chores or provide emotional support. 

Based on the example above, the amount of pain or loss of enjoyment you experience from the vehicle wreck (faulty product) needs to be accounted for. This could be suffering physically, mentally and emotionally. It could also be inability to maintain your household because you’re injured. 

Product liability cases are more difficult to navigate versus other personal injury cases due to the complexity of evidence needed. It’s absolutely necessary that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Memphis to assist you with your case. If not, you may not recover the compensation you need.

Personal injury cases involving product liability often require an injured consumer to take on companies worth billions of dollars. Don't try this fight on your own! The experienced product liability lawyers at The Chiozza Law Firm have the resources and determination needed to build your case from the ground up. We can subpoena records, find expert witnesses and present solid testimony to prove that you deserve compensation for your injuries.

The Chiozza Law Firm is proud to fight for you against companies who manufacture and market defective products. One of our experienced attorneys will analyze your case and help you get the compensation you deserve!

Contact The Chiozza Law Firm at 901-526-9494 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney, today!

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