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Sexual Harassment Claims

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Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Located in Memphis, TN

Sexual harassment claims should be taken seriously, and executives should act swiftly whens claims arise. Corportions come into contact more and more with accusations involving workplace safety and conditions, and that involves sexual harassment. If you experience or face any type of treatment that could be considered sexual harassment, you need to contact The Chiozza Law Firm – your Memphis sexual harassment attorneys – to examine and represent your case.

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Sexual harassment claims can involve anyone. They don't only occur with celebrities and financially stable individuals. From small businesses to large corporations, from schools to universities, from diners to drug stores, sexual harassment can happen anywhere.

If you are a victim, certainly contact an attorney. This must be acted on quickly and delicately. Sexual harassment and discrimination cannot be tolerated or accepted. If you feel that you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you need to fully understand your rights as an employee, as a citizen, and as a victim. This must stop, and we can help.

Understanding Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual harassment violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Sexual harassment includes requests for sexual favors, delivering explicit emails or texts, saying inappropriate jokes, and making sexual comments about a coworker.
  • Unwelcome touching, sexual advancements, and physical or verbal acts are forms of sexual harassment. 

We recognize that coming forward can be challening, difficult, stressful, and even embrassing. You have to speak on your abuse and specify coworkers and friends that have done harm to you.

Trust us. You have to take this step. When you do, our attorneys can take action, and you enjoy a sense of relief in knowing this harassment is soon to end.

If you have experienced sexual harrassment and believe you have a claim, contact the Memphis sexual harassment attorneys at The Chiozza Law Firm. Visit the Contact Us page or call our offices at 901-526-9494.

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